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2013-05-16 taffit[dev-ref] also clean generated epub
2013-05-16 taffit[dev-ref] po4a: make tidypo
2013-05-16 grizzly-guestUpdate: German translation
2013-05-16 victory-guestreviewed by YOSHINO Yoshihito <>
2013-05-15 taffit[dev-ref] (fr) Proofread [ Baptiste, Jean-Paul Guillone...
2013-05-15 taffit[dev-ref] (ja) msgcat, update changelog
2013-05-14 victory-guestsync r10139
2013-05-14 taffit[DR] (fr) Update translation, 1350t
2013-05-14 taffit[DR] po4a: Update POT and PO files, 1340t 6f 8u
2013-05-14 jcristauAdvise to use codename-security instead of stable-secur...
2013-05-14 taffit[DR] Consistent use of <literal> tag
2013-05-14 taffit[DR] po4a: Update POT and PO files, 1340t 2f 8u
2013-05-14 jcristauUpdate versioning advice for uploads to stable/testing...
2013-04-28 hertzogDrop paragraph about vanilla debian/rules files which...
2012-10-17 henrichadd epub support (Bug#652044)
2012-10-16 grizzly-guestfixed typo in German translation
2012-09-17 hertzogAdd recommendations to re-introduce packages. Thanks...
2012-08-19 taffit[dev-ref] Release version 3.4.9
2012-08-19 taffit[dev-ref] Run tidypo (msgcat on PO files, no content...
2012-08-19 henrichfix untranslated lines
2012-08-19 henrichfix some lines how to translate "hints"
2012-08-19 henrichfix fuzzy
2012-08-16 grizzly-guestchanged plural of Patch in the German version
2012-08-16 taffit[dev-ref] Update changelog (German translation updated)
2012-08-16 grizzly-guestUpdated German version
2012-08-13 taffit[dev-ref] (fr) Update translation, 1343t
2012-08-09 taffit[dev-ref] fix a tag; update POT and PO files (+3f,...
2012-07-28 taffit[dev-ref] Fix typo: Freenodes -> Freenode (closes:...
2012-07-19 henrichupdate team address
2012-07-09 hertzogDocument the existence of "hints" that release managers...
2012-07-05 taffit[sec-deb] (fr) Proofread appendices C and D, 2450t...
2012-06-26 hertzogFix Vcs-Browser URL. Thanks to Charles Plessy who spott...
2012-06-26 hertzogRecommend usage of gender-neutral formulations in READM...
2012-06-26 henrichfix all fuzzy in ja.po
2012-06-25 hertzogReword various parts to be gender-neutral
2012-06-25 hertzogClarify that removals from testing are possible.
2012-06-25 hertzogDrop build-dependency on latex-cjk-xcjk since xeCJK...
2012-06-25 hertzogreleasing version 3.4.8
2012-06-25 hertzogClean up debian/rules by using dh (with compat level 8).
2012-06-25 hertzogSwitch to xz compression for source.
2012-06-25 hertzogUpdate Standards-Version to 3.9.3 (no change required).
2012-06-23 taffit[maint-guide] (fr) Proofread [ Stéphane Blondon ] ...
2012-06-12 grizzly-guestLink to this translation removed
2012-06-12 grizzly-guestChanged two strings in German translation
2012-06-10 taffit[dev-ref] (fr) Update translation
2012-06-09 taffit[dev-ref] POT and PO update (+1f)
2012-06-09 taffit[dev-ref] Delayed queue goes from 0 to 15-day (closes...
2012-06-09 taffit[dev-ref] Use UTF-8 locale to prepare the text version...
2012-06-09 taffit[dev-ref] (de) Fix build issue (remove mismath tag)
2012-04-25 taffit[dev-ref] POT and PO updates — trivial unfuzzy for...
2012-04-25 taffit[dev-ref] consistency fix: DocBook tags (pseudo-package...
2012-04-25 taffit[dev-ref] consistency fix: DocBook tags and s/pseudopac...
2012-04-25 taffit[dev-ref] POT and PO updates
2012-04-25 taffit[dev-ref] Upgrades to stable should be discussed using...
2012-04-15 osamuDev-ref: Fix FTBFS #666578
2012-04-03 taffit(fr) Fix title
2012-02-27 taffitAdapt README-contrib to the current po4a tree
2012-02-27 taffitAdapt Makefile to po4a improvements (1st pass: make...
2012-02-27 taffitMerge PO files by language
2012-01-19 taffit[dev-ref] Prepare 3.4.7 upload
2012-01-15 taffit[dev-ref] (fr) Proofread [ Cédric Boutillier ] <2012011...
2012-01-14 taffit[dev-ref] (ja) Remove another <filename> causing proble...
2012-01-14 taffit[dev-ref] (ja) Remove some <filename> causing problems...
2012-01-14 taffit[dev-ref] (de) Fix angle brackets
2012-01-14 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2012-01-13 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2012-01-11 grizzly-guestUpdated German translation
2012-01-11 taffit[dev-ref] (fr,ja) Trivial unfuzzy
2012-01-11 taffit[dev-ref] add missing reference to Squeeze [ Chris...
2012-01-11 taffit[dev-ref] (fr) Proofread [ Thomas Vincent ] <4F0D8104...
2012-01-11 taffit[dev-ref] Use XeTeX backend (closes: #629530) and add...
2012-01-10 taffitdev-ref: (fr) Translation update 315t
2012-01-10 taffitUpdate POT and PO files (after fixing #655153)
2012-01-10 hertzogUpdate best practice about unfuzzying PO file translati...
2012-01-08 taffitTypo fix, closes: #655096
2011-12-25 henrichreflect proofreading by, thanks!
2011-12-17 henrichfinish Japanese translation (without proofreading)
2011-12-17 henrichonce update Japanese translation
2011-12-17 henrichUpdate Japanese translation
2011-12-15 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-14 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-13 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-11 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-05 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-04 henrichfix wrong tag
2011-12-04 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-04 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-04 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-12-04 henrichfix typo (interrested -> interested)
2011-12-01 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-30 henrichUpdate Japanese translation
2011-11-28 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-24 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-23 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-22 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-21 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-19 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-16 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-11-15 henrichupdate Japanese translation
2011-10-22 taffit(fr) Update translation (mostly trivial)