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Update POT files and merge into .po files
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2011-10-12 hertzogUpdate POT files and merge into .po files
2011-04-22 taffit-guestAdd a link to various translations, as suggested by...
2011-04-21 taffit-guestmake updatepo, tidypo, and trivial unfuzzy
2011-03-03 taffit-guestupdate PO and POT files (no content change)
2010-06-20 taffit-guestPOT and PO update (planned with Hideki).
2010-06-05 taffit-guestPOT updated in order to fit with last changes.
2010-05-06 taffit-guestupdate .pot files
2010-01-03 hertzogRegenerate POT files and merge into po files
2008-08-13 bubulleRefresh POT files
2008-03-01 rhertzogPut in place the new developers-reference and the new...
2007-07-01 debacleNow everything builds. Translators needed!
2007-06-26 debacleFirst files for developers-reference in DocBook XML