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2010-01-03 hertzogAdd accent on my first name in debian/control.
2009-09-12 lucasBump Standards-Version to 3.8.3. No changes needed.
2009-09-12 lucasChange the maintainer address to debian-policy@, based...
2009-07-27 lucasBump Standards-Version to 3.8.2. No changes needed.
2009-07-27 lucasBumped debhelper compat level to 5 (4 was deprecated)
2008-06-13 he* debian/control:
2008-03-02 hertzogStart new changelog entry & update Vcs-* fields with...
2008-03-01 rhertzogPut in place the new developers-reference and the new...
2008-02-28 debacleAdd build-dependency on w3m.
2008-02-25 hertzog* Add Vcs-Svn and Vcs-Browser fields pointing to the...
2008-02-11 debacleUse dblatex instead of fop, as long fop is in contrib.
2007-08-05 abaremoving unauthorized hijack
2007-08-04 hertzogRemove all references to non-US.
2007-06-27 debacleMore realistic dependencies, close bugs.
2007-06-26 debacleFirst files for developers-reference in DocBook XML
2007-06-16 abaSRM changes; #414291
2005-05-01 abaset maintainer to ddp
2005-02-02 abatweaked
2005-02-02 abatweaked
2004-11-27 abacatching up with the uploaded package
2004-09-13 abalots of fixes, see changelog for details
2003-06-16 aphcheck compliance with Policy version 3.5.10
2003-04-18 aphdebiandoc-sgml 1.1.76 source depends
2003-03-01 aphtry to comply with our own recommendations on package...
2003-02-26 joyfixed package descriptions, closes: #182614
2003-02-22 aphproper escaping of single quotes in the pkg description...
2003-01-26 aphmultiple packages, use the english TOC for all until...
2002-12-09 aphPolicy compliance checked and updated to 3.5.8, no...
2002-05-05 aphadd hertzog as co-maintainer
2002-05-03 aphmakefile change; manoj is a co-maintainer
2001-06-21 aphupdate for and require debiandoc-sgml 1.1.48 or better
2001-04-08 aphfix build-depends(-indep) issue, prepare 2.8.5
2001-02-25 aphfill in the description a bit more; remove reference...
2001-01-21 aphadd recommends for debian-policy and packaging-manual
2000-09-20 joycompliance with Policy 3.2.1
1999-09-12 aphdynamically generate the TOC in the package description...
1999-08-17 aph2.7.0 update, see the changelog
1999-04-03 aphmatch priority in override files on archive
1998-11-16 aphname change
1998-11-09 aphbump stds version
1998-07-15 aphupdate mainter name
1998-07-14 aph\Initial Import\\