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2012-07-08 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog master debian/2.2.3
2012-07-08 Ian Jacksonadt-run: Fix for fix for #678359: when reading package...
2012-07-08 Ian Jacksonadt-run: Fix for 678359, thanks to Martin Pitt
2012-06-28 Ian Jacksonpython: use default version, require >=2.6 debian/2.2.2
2012-06-27 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog debian/2.2.1
2012-06-26 Stefano Zacchirolidebian/control: add Vcs-* headers
2012-06-26 Stefano Zacchiroliautopkgtest spec: document (XS-)Testsuite header
2012-06-15 Ian Jacksonfinalise changelog debian/2.2.0
2012-06-15 Ian Jacksontmpdir: fixes from testing
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: change formal parameter name in adt-run.1
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: spec mentions ADTTMP, not TMPDIR
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: always suppply a special tmpdir, with subdirs...
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: use append, not assignment, for xenv
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: undo rename in build - we actually want TMPDIR...
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: rename "tmp" in run() to "testtmp"
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: move TMPDIR=... computation out of execute...
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: fix usage message ref to TMPDIR formal param
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksontmpdir: rename "tmpdir" variables etc. to "tmp"
2012-06-11 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise debian/2.1.0
2012-06-11 Ian Jacksondebian/rules: remove runner/tmp
2012-06-11 Ian Jacksondocs: Fix `*' in manpage to `@'
2012-06-11 Ian Jacksondocs: restriction is `breaks-testbed' not `breaks-compu...
2012-06-11 Ian Jacksonvirt-subproc: use sd, not sde, for creating target...
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonadt-virt-schroot: better handling of root-users/groups...
2012-06-10 Ian JacksonAdd runner/tmp to .gitignore, for convenience.
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonadt-run: Fix NameError on 'f' in restriction parsing...
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonadt-run: fix @ dependencies (#667022)
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonchangelog: credit entries for last two bugs
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksondebian/control: recommend pbuilder
2011-10-17 Ian Jacksonchangelog entries for the last two bugs
2011-10-17 Timo Juhani... adt-run: Reset changes made to the apt configuration...
2011-10-17 Michael Prokopadt-run: make sure apt-listbugs + apt-listchanges do...
2011-08-27 Ian JacksonChange Maintainer to autopkgtest-devel
2011-08-27 Ian JacksonFinalise 2.0.1
2011-08-14 Ian JacksonFix a debugging message which was spuriously sent to...
2011-08-14 Ian Jacksonadt-run: Fix typo to make "build-needed" work (Closes...
2011-08-14 Ian Jacksonadt-run: Make --quiet really work (Closes: #637350)
2011-08-14 Ian JacksonBugfix: Do not duplicate previous stanzas (closes:...
2011-08-14 Ian JacksonBugfix: Permit tests/control fields with medial capital...
2011-08-14 Ian JacksonBugfix: Python backtrace (no method "bomb") on bad...
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonchangelog: finalise 2.0.0 wip debian/2.0.0
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonadt-run manpage: fix some broken formatting
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonadt-run: remove python string exceptions
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonadt-xenlvm: correct init script dependencies
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonadt-xenlvm: do not die if /etc/default/rcS deleted
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonchangelog: belatedly sign off the trailer line for...
2011-07-30 Ian JacksonBuild system: control file fixes
2011-07-30 Ian JacksonBuild system: make clean targets remove all files which...
2011-07-30 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Add files generated by package build
2011-07-30 Ian JacksonUpdate python version to 2.6
2011-07-30 Ian JacksonDocs: new README.schroot-setup
2011-07-30 Ian JacksonTODO: mention the dpkg slowness
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonadt-virt-schroot: pass -d / to schroot
2011-07-30 Ian JacksonRevert: split into `revert' and `revert-full-system'
2011-07-30 Ian Jacksonadt-run: do not consider build-needed unsupported ...
2011-07-30 Ian JacksonSpecs: remove some obsolete stuff from virt-server...
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonadt-run: do not do build just because of @ in test...
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonadt-run: fix "build-needed" restriction to have correct...
2011-07-29 Ian JacksonSpec: incompatible change: no-build-needed is the default
2011-07-29 Ian JacksonTODO: remove confused note about mawk test
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonchangelog: minor improvement
2011-07-29 Ian JacksonTODO: needs-build
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonchangelog: document recent changes
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonvirt-subproc: add testbed open check to `execute' and...
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonadt-run: No longer expect python on testbed
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonpython libs: new module
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksondoc: Fix spec for copyup/copydown to describe actual...
2011-07-29 Ian Jacksonadt-run: remove debugging from auxverbscript
2011-07-29 Ian JacksonTODO item
2011-07-28 Ian JacksonHuge changes to virt-server and shell quoting
2011-07-28 Ian Jacksonadt-run: Some notes about our interaction with pbuilder
2011-07-26 Ian JacksonTODO
2011-07-26 Ian Jacksonadt-run: make apt install our binaries even if they...
2011-07-26 Ian JacksonTODO: some bugs
2011-07-26 Ian Jacksonadt-virt-schroot: actually implement revert
2011-07-26 Ian Jacksonadt-virt-schroot: actually become root on testbed if...
2011-07-26 Ian Jacksonadt-run: work if "rw-build-tree" but not --user
2011-07-26 Ian Jacksonadt-run: actually make new auxverbscript and pbuilder...
2011-07-25 Ian Jacksonadt-run: use pbuilder-satisfydepends instead of gdebi
2011-07-25 Ian Jacksonvirt-subproc: new method adt-virt-schroot
2011-07-25 Ian Jacksonvirt-subproc: move making of temp directory into VirtSu...
2011-07-25 Ian Jacksonvirt-subproc: do not insist that down is set before...
2011-07-25 Ian Jacksonvirt-subproc: make execute(...,downp=False,...) work
2011-07-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog: fix up final inherited changelog entry
2011-07-25 Ian Jackson.gitignore: add some junk file patterns
2011-07-25 Ian Jackson.bzrignore -> .gitignore
2008-08-27 Ian Jacksonno special email address for me converted-from-bzr
2008-08-25 Ian Jackson: ${:=} not ${:=}
2008-08-25 Ian Jacksonfixes from deployment
2008-08-25 Ian Jackson.bzrignore for various runtime stuff
2008-08-25 Ian Jacksonset PATH in magrathea crontab; run at 13:38
2007-10-27 Ian Jacksondo not upload (publish) sources by default
2007-10-27 Ian Jacksonbandwidth limit rsync
2007-10-27 Ian Jacksonmagrathea: better email messages
2007-10-27 Ian Jackson* adt-xenlvm-with-testbed: sleep 1 after xm destroy...
2007-10-26 Ian Jacksonrsync upload via vpn
2007-10-26 Ian Jackson* hosts/magrathea/*: setup as working for initial tests.
2007-10-26 Ian Jacksonmerge from --ubuntu
2007-10-26 Ian Jackson* hosts/magrathea/*: working setup.
2007-10-26 Ian Jackson* adt-testreport-cronjob: make executable.