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2015-02-21 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Do not crash when one of several addr...
2015-02-21 Ian Jacksonregress: Add some tests with ~adns_if_noautosys
2015-02-21 Ian Jacksonregress: Remove update-extra-select conversion script
2015-01-29 Ian JacksonPortability: Fix assumption about read() and write...
2015-01-29 Ian Jacksonregress: Support NULL fdset arguments to select
2014-12-10 Ian JacksonFix for malicious optimisation of memcpy in test suite...
2014-11-02 Ian JacksonPortability fix for systems where socklen_t is bigger...
2014-11-02 Ian JacksonClarify licence in NEWS
2014-11-02 Ian JacksonStart 1.5.1~~
2014-11-02 Ian JacksonRelease 1.5.0. No changes since 1.5.0~rc1. adns-1.5.0
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:public-git/adns
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonRELEASE-CHECKLIST: Updates used during release of 1...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonUpdate versions for ongoing development
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonFinalise 1.5.0~rc1 adns-1.5.0-rc1
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonNEWS, changelog: Documentation for 1.5.0~rc1
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonregress/ Parallelise `make check'
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf parsing: Test adns_af:dampstring
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf parsing: Treat unknown adns_af: values...
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf option parsing: Test adns_checkc
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf parsing: Rename OPTION_IS etc. to WORD_IS
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf option parsing: Fix word separation
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonRELEASE-CHECKLIST: Check that tarball is equal to git...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonRELEASE-CHECKLIST: Non-real mode (the default, now)
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonRELEASE-CHECKLIST: Require version argument
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonConfig parsing: Provide a way to ignore unknown resolv...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonConfig parsing: Ignore some BIND9-specific resolv.conf...
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonresolv.conf parser: Avoid duplicating lengths in option...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonAPI: Reject unknown flags
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonMake internal function vbuf__append_quoted1035 static
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonRemove RCSids.
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonBuild system: Add test case output and common.make...
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonBuild system: Bodge regress/'s .SECONDARY...
2014-10-24 Ian Jacksonregress: Use new combined hex syntax for adnstest types
2014-10-24 Ian Jacksonadnstest: Support typenum being 0xXX|DDD
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonAPI: Provide adns_qf_cname_strict
2014-10-24 Ian Jacksonenums: Add `sizeforce' member value
2014-10-24 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Ignore GPG signature
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonUpdate version numbers to be between releases
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonRELEASE-CHECKLIST: Say to update versions after doing...
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonRELEASE-CHECKLIST: wip, as used for 1.5.0~rc0
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonREADME.html: Web page management changes adns-1.5.0-rc0
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonVersions: update to 1.5.0 RC0
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonNEWS: More updates
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonNEWS: Remove "pleased to announce" - should be in mail
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonREADME.html: Abolish dead link to BIND
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonREADME.html: mention signatures as possibly being on...
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonBuild system: Provide `web-install' target
2014-10-20 Ian Jacksonadns.h: Generalise some mentions of A RRs.
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonBuild system: Break out common.make[.in]
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonBuild system: Know how to build adnshost.txt
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Reorder slightly
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonBuild system: Do not include Makefile and src/config...
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: More updates
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonNEWS: Draft release notes for 1.5.0~rc0
2014-10-19 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Add autom4te.cache
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonBuild system: update configure to autoconf 2.69
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Abolish `proprietary' part in GPL-vs-LGPL
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Abolish LICENCE.WAIVERS
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Add copyright for Mark Wooding
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Update copyright dates for Ian Jackson
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Delete FSF address from INSTALL
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Copy GPL-3 into COPYING
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Delete FSF street address
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Update version in file header comments
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Update with changes so far
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonRemove cvs-to-git conversion script
2014-10-19 Ian Fix "make dist" for git
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonDocumentation and webpage updates
2014-10-19 Ian update DISTVERSION
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Clarify comment for addr_submit (style) wip.ipv6
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Rewrite pap_addr (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Clarify gettimeofday error handling (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Clarify addr_rrtypeflag loop (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/types.c: Rename `hunoz' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/query.c: adns__free_interim: Add assertion
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/query.c: Rename alloc_info (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/event.c: Use `continue' in adns_processreadable...
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/setup.c: Reuse variable i (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename `udpsocket' and `nudp' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonMakefiles: Remove pipes on clean
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonregress/: Replace PF_ with AF_
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Fix commentary mood (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename a variable `n' to `salen' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Add a missing space (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Clarify logic in clk_srv (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename some variables `stat' to `st' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonsrc/: Rename a variable `err' to `st' (style)
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonregress/ Declare <client>_c.o as .SECONDARY
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonreverse parsing: New test cases
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonreverse parsing: Clearer algorithm
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonreverse parsing: Make adns__revparse_* return bool
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonreverse parsing: Pass dgram and labstart instead of...
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonIntroduce adns__labels_equal and ctype_toupper
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonregress/gdbwrap: Provide a convenience script
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonregress: New test bogus-sortlist
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: Make SIN, SIN6 more regular
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: Introduce SOCKADDR_IN_IN6, etc.
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: New arrangements for protocol address types
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonaddrfam: mark unknown_af as not returning
2014-10-19 Ian Jackson.gitignore: add addrtext_s, remove non-built dynamic...