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2014-05-05 Ian Jacksonmerge the script's history into the generated history
2014-04-30 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'mdw/mdw/convert-script'
2014-04-30 Ian Jacksonfix
2014-04-29 Mark WoodingDiff the changelog by hand if the commit message is...
2014-04-29 Mark WoodingWrap long single-line comment messages.
2014-04-29 Mark WoodingAvoid printing removed lines unless necessary; avoid...
2014-04-29 Mark WoodingUse `git mumble' consistently in place of `git-mumble'.
2014-04-29 Mark Woodingiwj's original.
2014-04-29 Ian Jacksonscript is in new location
2014-04-29 Ian Jacksonmerge rather than abandon pollfds
2014-04-29 Ian Jacksonmove graftmergein (nfc)
2014-04-29 Ian Jacksontidy up a bit
2014-04-29 Ian Jacksonfound