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1998-11-08 ianCompiles but does not link.
1998-11-08 ianRearrangement more or less sorted, back to trying to...
1998-11-08 ianHalfway through getting it to compile; about to move...
1998-11-08 ianAdd A record parsing.
1998-11-08 ianNew memory management arrangements pretty much finished...
1998-11-07 ianParsing code revamped, not compiled yet.
1998-11-07 ianImproving parsing code, and changing memory management...
1998-10-07 ianClarify.
1998-10-07 ianAdd RCSid.
1998-10-04 ianAll except rrtype-specific stuff complete but largely...
1998-10-04 ianMore reply stuff.
1998-10-04 ianMuch decoding of incoming packets.
1998-10-04 ianMiddle of parsing incoming datagrams.
1998-10-04 ianRetransmission and timeout work now !
1998-10-04 ianCompiles again.
1998-10-04 ianEvent loop stuff complete ?
1998-10-04 ianVarious improvements and more code; post-crash.
1998-10-03 ianSome more fiddlings.
1998-10-03 ianMore rearrangements and code.
1998-10-03 ianMore rearrangements and code.
1998-10-03 ianShuffle stuff around.
1998-10-03 ianHalfway through main implementation bit.
1998-10-03 ianCleanups, development.
1998-09-27 ianSends packet, is apparently OK (tcpdump shows response...
1998-09-27 ianMakes up queries.
1998-09-27 ianExtra infra.
1998-09-27 ianCleanups.
1998-09-27 ianVarious frameworks; ready for meat.
1998-09-27 ianReads some config file directives; simple test program...
1998-09-27 ianFound on chiark.