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1999-07-14 ianCompile without HAVE_POLL ?
1999-07-14 ianAdd extern "C" for C++.
1999-07-14 ianSupport and test iteration - in changelog.
1999-07-14 ianSupport and test iteration; test return in different...
1999-07-14 ianIndent following new testing of forallqueries.
1999-07-14 ianSort out testing of forallqueries.
1999-07-14 ianMade adnstest.c test context pointers.
1999-07-14 ianNew spec for iterator functions.
1999-07-11 ianRegression for poll(2).
1999-07-11 ianBugfixes; adnstest has ability to use poll(2), and...
1999-07-05 ianNew poll(2) stuff etc. Does not work yet, but compiles.
1999-06-17 ianadns_errabbrev; regress/checkall prints summary list...
1999-06-16 ianClean up parents from adns->childw (otherwise would...
1999-06-16 ianAdded TODO file.
1999-06-16 ianIn adnstest, allocate enough space for, and terminate...
1999-05-19 ianAdvertise Dents in README. rel-adns-0-2
1999-05-19 ianChange version in
1999-05-19 ianchangelog finalised for 0.2.
1999-05-19 ianMake fcntl recording not have spurious OK.
1999-05-14 ianMissing targets in regress/ added.
1999-05-12 ianLog: Regression test failure output improved.
1999-05-12 ianLDLIBS removed from dependency lists (some makes don...
1999-05-12 ianegression test doesn't rely on value of O_NONBLOCK...
1999-05-12 ianRegression test doesn't rely on value of O_NONBLOCK.
1999-05-09 ianAdded COPYING (copy of the GPL).
1999-05-09 ianDo not link against gmp :-).
1999-05-09 ianLook for inet_aton and inet_ntoa (in -lnsl and -lsocket).
1999-05-08 ianInclude <sys/times.h> in a few more files. Include...
1999-05-08 ianPortability fixes (missing struct in_addr, INADDR_LOOPB...
1999-05-08 ianPortability fixes (missing struct in_addr, INADDR_LOOPB...
1999-04-17 ianAuto-update README. rel-adns-0-1
1999-04-17 ianDocumentation files.
1999-04-17 ianWe do do searchlist now - remove fixme.
1999-04-17 ianoption debug and option ndots implemented
1999-04-17 ianRoot queries work better now.
1999-04-17 ianDon't do caching in this release.
1999-04-17 ianTest searching.
1999-04-17 ianFix and reinstate.
1999-04-17 ianThis was silly and should be obsolete. Use m1test.
1999-04-17 ianRegression tests pass with new owner and flags stuff...
1999-04-17 ianReturn owner if caller asks.
1999-04-17 ianSearch list seems to work
1999-04-17 ianCan set query flags, and static version.
1999-04-17 ianSearch list implementation compiles, but not tested.
1999-04-11 ianParse searchlist; beginnings of paying attention.
1999-04-11 ianSIGPIPE protection available.
1999-04-11 ianMailbox quoting seems to work.
1999-04-11 ianaddcases is broken, remove it.
1999-04-11 ianFix one bug.
1999-04-11 ianqf_cname_forbid _is_ implemented.
1999-04-11 ianDefer adns_pollfds (remove fixme).
1999-04-11 ianadns_pollfds and struct pollfd support - on branch...
1999-04-11 ianInclude TTL (well, actually, expiry time) in answers.
1999-04-11 ianFIXMEs for multithreading and IPv6 - deferred.
1999-04-10 ianUpdate wishlist items and add purpose comment to adns.h.
1999-03-30 ianCopyright dates fixed; various TODOs added.
1999-03-30 ianLost fixme; better clean.
1999-03-30 ianTypo.
1999-03-30 ianGNU Standards makefile targets.
1999-03-28 ianProgress towards
1999-03-28 ianRenamed Makefiles to
1999-03-28 ianAutoconfifying - beginning.
1999-03-28 ianRenamed to
1998-12-05 ianTimeout test.
1998-12-05 iantimeval handing better, change filenames
1998-12-05 ianmaintainer-clean
1998-12-05 iangettimeofday wishlist
1998-12-05 iancname_loose/cname_forbid implemented; production timeout
1998-11-29 ianA couple more tests and a script to manage.
1998-11-29 ianRegression tests run, first one written.
1998-11-29 ianInitial testing stuff; want to rearrange.
1998-11-29 ianFirst record and playback works.
1998-11-29 ianBetter clean and new realclean.
1998-11-29 ianNew m4-based test harness stuff.
1998-11-28 ianTest harness - recording seems to work, sort of.
1998-11-28 ianWork on harness is progressing.
1998-11-28 iansortlist; init supplying text of config file; env vars...
1998-11-28 ianInitial draft of test harness arrangements, from chiark...
1998-11-22 ianAllow configuration entirely by text file.
1998-11-17 ianReorder files for best compilation.
1998-11-16 ianImproved error discrimination / set of errors.
1998-11-16 ianImplement SOA, RP, HINFO (but no mailbox quoting)....
1998-11-15 ianDo PTR checking (multiple PTRs allowed).
1998-11-15 ianDoes further A lookups and uses answers.
1998-11-15 ian_Submits_ but does not use the results from internally...
1998-11-15 ianNemesis fixme wishlist item.
1998-11-15 ian_Submits_ but does not use the results from internally...
1998-11-15 ianReorganise types.c
1998-11-14 ianCan get addresses from Additional and Authority section...
1998-11-14 ianHalfway through A lookups; need to restructure pa_...
1998-11-14 ianGeneral improvements; add cancel routine.
1998-11-14 ianUse struct sockaddr in several places; distinguish...
1998-11-14 ianMerge changes from chiark: cvs rdiff -u -r tochiark...
1998-11-10 ianProper spec. of NULL handling.
1998-11-10 ianAbortive TXT handling.
1998-11-10 ianRemove NULL queries. Remove _mf queries (master file...
1998-11-10 ianImport changes from chiark: cvs rdiff -u -r tochiark...
1998-11-08 ianAdd fixme.
1998-11-08 ianBugfixes.
1998-11-08 ianChange domain for test program.