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changelog, etc.: Finalise 1.5.1.
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2016-08-12 Ian JacksonUpdate copyright dates
2014-10-24 Ian JacksonBuild system: Add test case output and common.make...
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonBuild system: Break out common.make[.in]
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonBuild system: Do not include Makefile and src/config...
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Add copyright for Mark Wooding
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Update copyright dates for Ian Jackson
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Delete FSF street address
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonLicensing: Update version in file header comments
2014-10-19 Ian JacksonMakefiles: Remove pipes on clean
2014-05-05 Ian JacksonCVS to git conversion cvs-to-git-conversion
2006-06-06 ianMINOR=3 rel-adns-1-3
2006-05-10 ian+ Portability fixes:
2006-05-09 ian+ * Use autoconf's values for {bin,lib,include}_dir...
2006-04-08 ianupdate copyright dates
2006-04-03 ian+ * Update MINOR to 2 because of adns_init_logfn.
2006-01-07 ian+ * New adns_init_logfn etc. for having logging done...
2005-03-16 ian+ * New adnsheloex client courtesy of Tony Finch ...
2000-09-17 ianMore docs improvlements.
2000-09-17 ian+ * Documentation improved somewhat, including new...
2000-09-17 ianUpdate copyright dates and documentation.
2000-09-16 ian+ * Find install-sh properly when we need to use it...
2000-09-16 ian+ General Improvements:
2000-08-09 ianUpdate copyright dates.
2000-08-09 ian+ * Use AC_PROG_INSTALL (=> perhaps install-sh), to...
2000-05-21 ian+ * Pass LDFLAGS from configure on to ld via settings...
2000-05-07 ian+ * Copyright notices updated. rel-adns-0-8
1999-10-13 ian+ * Dynamically linked clients now made with -l, so...
1999-10-10 ianCopyrights now acknowledge fanf for adns. Individual...
1999-08-15 ianNew features:
1999-08-11 ianGive install the '-c' flag (otherwise some delete the...
1999-07-05 ianNew poll(2) stuff etc. Does not work yet, but compiles.
1999-05-09 ianLook for inet_aton and inet_ntoa (in -lnsl and -lsocket).
1999-04-17 ianAuto-update README. rel-adns-0-1
1999-03-30 ianCopyright dates fixed; various TODOs added.
1999-03-30 ianGNU Standards makefile targets.
1999-03-28 ianProgress towards
1999-03-28 ianAutoconfifying - beginning.
1998-12-05 ianmaintainer-clean
1998-11-29 ianRegression tests run, first one written.