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+ * Documentation improved somewhat, including new GPL-vs-LGPL file.
[adns.git] / regress /
2000-09-17 ian+ * Documentation improved somewhat, including new...
2000-09-17 ianUpdate copyright dates and documentation.
2000-09-16 ianUse `...` instead of POSIX $(...) to pander to stupid...
2000-09-16 ianWork around stupid sh versions which need 4<&4.
2000-09-16 ianAdd <stdarg.h>.
2000-09-16 ianDo not run tests of executables not built. Do not...
2000-09-16 ian+ * Add pre-generated versions of m4-generated files...
2000-09-16 ian+ * Regression tests now include adnshost, adnslogres...
2000-09-16 ianTurn on debug for adnshost regression.
2000-09-16 ianNew test case for cancel of a query with a subquery.
2000-09-16 ianUnderstand empty fd sets properly !
2000-09-16 ianUpdate copyright dates to 2000.
2000-09-16 ian+ General Improvements:
2000-09-14 ian+ Bugfixes:
2000-09-13 ian+ * Kill bogus warning, adh-main.c: `arg2' might be...
2000-06-27 ian+ * Do not spin if TCP connection blocks for writing...
2000-06-27 ian+ * regress/output-<case>.report file contains more...
2000-06-27 ian+ * m1test script can invoke `hrecord' differently.
2000-05-21 ian+ Bug fixes:
2000-05-07 ian+ * Copyright notices updated. rel-adns-0-8
2000-05-07 ian+ * Fixed infrequent race causing assertion failure...
2000-05-07 ianEBADF in list of errno values.
2000-05-07 ian+ * Race near adns_beforeselect which could cause...
2000-03-26 ian+ Bugfixes:
2000-03-02 ian+ * Add test case for recursion (infinite loop) domain...
2000-03-02 ian+ * New adns_submit_reverse_any for eg RBL lookups...
2000-03-02 ian+ * In answers, quote everything except alphanums...
2000-03-02 ianTest case for format error.
2000-03-02 ianTest cases for long domain names.
2000-03-02 ianTest cases for long labels and domains.
1999-11-02 ian+ * Many memory leaks fixed.
1999-10-16 ianSensible handling of empty reads. privaterel-1999-10-16-fanf
1999-10-16 ianNew TCP tests.
1999-10-15 ianTest case for infinite timeouts.
1999-10-13 ianRegression test scripts set EF_DISABLE_BANNER (for...
1999-10-13 ianadns_rr_info on _r_mx etc. shows status type abbrev...
1999-10-12 ianDo not get EBADF. privaterel-1999-10-12-fanf-dustman
1999-10-12 ianDisallow unknown errnos (abort).
1999-10-12 ianAbort on EBADF, EFAULT. Correctly parse numeric errnos.
1999-10-12 ianReally make norecurse tests work.
1999-10-12 ianReally make norecurse tests work.
1999-10-12 ianFix up norecurse tests for event.c autosys patch.
1999-10-12 ianDo not show banner.
1999-10-12 ianCheck for recursion via adns__autosys (which is forbidden).
1999-10-10 ianCopyrights now acknowledge fanf for adns. Individual...
1999-09-26 ianCorrect error messages for qname CNAME foo, foo CNAME...
1999-09-26 ianImproved textual error string for _s_prohibitedcname.
1999-09-26 ianAdd test for TCP responses which end up in several...
1999-08-15 ianDon't complain so much about poll(2) tests if not avail...
1999-08-15 ianPrint error message string in hostaddr.
1999-08-14 ianIncompatible changes:
1999-08-05 ianRegression tests compile on systems without poll(2...
1999-07-29 iandebug message about unexpected server removed.
1999-07-29 ianOnly accept a reply from the subset of servers we sent... privaterel-1999-07-29-fanf
1999-07-29 ianRestarting a TCP-using query doesn't abort.
1999-07-29 ianChanged memory semantics of internal queries to fix...
1999-07-28 ianmake _qf_owner work if _qf_search not specified, and... privaterel-1999-07-28-fanf
1999-07-14 ianRemove "junk".
1999-07-14 ianSupport and test iteration; test return in different...
1999-07-11 ianRegression for poll(2).
1999-07-11 ianBugfixes; adnstest has ability to use poll(2), and...
1999-07-05 ianNew poll(2) stuff etc. Does not work yet, but compiles.
1999-06-17 ianadns_errabbrev; regress/checkall prints summary list...
1999-06-16 ianClean up parents from adns->childw (otherwise would...
1999-05-19 ianMake fcntl recording not have spurious OK.
1999-05-14 ianMissing targets in regress/ added.
1999-05-12 ianLDLIBS removed from dependency lists (some makes don...
1999-05-12 ianegression test doesn't rely on value of O_NONBLOCK...
1999-05-12 ianRegression test doesn't rely on value of O_NONBLOCK.
1999-05-09 ianLook for inet_aton and inet_ntoa (in -lnsl and -lsocket).
1999-04-17 ianoption debug and option ndots implemented
1999-04-17 ianRoot queries work better now.
1999-04-17 ianTest searching.
1999-04-17 ianFix and reinstate.
1999-04-17 ianThis was silly and should be obsolete. Use m1test.
1999-04-17 ianRegression tests pass with new owner and flags stuff...
1999-04-11 ianMailbox quoting seems to work.
1999-04-11 ianaddcases is broken, remove it.
1999-04-11 ianFix one bug.
1999-04-11 ianInclude TTL (well, actually, expiry time) in answers.
1999-03-30 ianCopyright dates fixed; various TODOs added.
1999-03-30 ianLost fixme; better clean.
1999-03-30 ianGNU Standards makefile targets.
1999-03-28 ianProgress towards
1999-03-28 ianRenamed Makefiles to
1999-03-28 ianAutoconfifying - beginning.
1998-12-05 ianTimeout test.
1998-12-05 iantimeval handing better, change filenames
1998-12-05 iangettimeofday wishlist
1998-11-29 ianA couple more tests and a script to manage.
1998-11-29 ianRegression tests run, first one written.
1998-11-29 ianInitial testing stuff; want to rearrange.
1998-11-29 ianFirst record and playback works.
1998-11-29 ianBetter clean and new realclean.
1998-11-29 ianNew m4-based test harness stuff.
1998-11-28 ianTest harness - recording seems to work, sort of.
1998-11-08 ianCompiles but does not link.
1998-11-08 ianRearrangement more or less sorted, back to trying to...
1998-09-27 ianReads some config file directives; simple test program...