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Work around stupid sh versions which need 4<&4.
[adns.git] / regress / r1test
2000-09-16 ianWork around stupid sh versions which need 4<&4.
2000-09-16 ianDo not run tests of executables not built. Do not...
2000-09-16 ian+ * Regression tests now include adnshost, adnslogres...
2000-09-16 ian+ General Improvements:
2000-09-14 ian+ Bugfixes:
2000-05-07 ian+ * Copyright notices updated. rel-adns-0-8
2000-03-26 ian+ Bugfixes:
1999-10-13 ianRegression test scripts set EF_DISABLE_BANNER (for...
1999-08-15 ianDon't complain so much about poll(2) tests if not avail...
1999-07-11 ianRegression for poll(2).
1999-07-05 ianNew poll(2) stuff etc. Does not work yet, but compiles.
1999-05-12 ianRegression test doesn't rely on value of O_NONBLOCK.
1999-04-17 ianoption debug and option ndots implemented
1998-12-05 iantimeval handing better, change filenames
1998-11-29 ianA couple more tests and a script to manage.
1998-11-29 ianRegression tests run, first one written.
1998-11-29 ianInitial testing stuff; want to rearrange.