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Correct type of various printf arguments: ptrdiff_t != int
[adns.git] / TODO
2006-01-07 ian+ * New adns_init_logfn etc. for having logging done...
2005-03-16 ian+ * Added a TODO list item.
2004-07-04 iansemicolon comments request
2003-06-15 ian+ * Problem with SERVFAIL in TODO.
2003-01-24 ian+ * Added wishlist entry re configurable port no.
2001-10-29 ianNew TODO item.
2000-09-17 ian+ * Documentation improved somewhat, including new...
2000-09-17 ianUpdate copyright dates and documentation.
2000-06-27 ian+ * TODO list updated somewhat.
1999-08-14 ianCoredump in adnstest_s
1999-08-11 ianGive install the '-c' flag (otherwise some delete the...
1999-08-05 ianquoteok_cname added to todo
1999-08-05 ianAdd AD handling to TODO.
1999-08-05 ianDo not ship config.cache (run distclean from make dist...
1999-08-05 ianRegression tests compile on systems without poll(2...
1999-07-28 ianads->configerrno now initialised (in setup.c). timercm...
1999-07-28 ianImprovements to install instructions.
1999-07-05 ianNew poll(2) stuff etc. Does not work yet, but compiles.
1999-06-16 ianAdded TODO file.