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2014-10-19 Ian JacksonDocumentation and webpage updates
2014-05-05 Ian JacksonCVS to git conversion cvs-to-git-conversion
2014-04-16 ianFOUND on davenant
2006-04-08 ianupdate copyright dates
2006-04-08 ianA few more links for the README.
2006-04-03 ianInclude reference to Peter Simons's Haskell bindings
2006-01-07 ian+ * New adns_init_logfn etc. for having logging done...
2005-03-16 ian+ * New adnsheloex client courtesy of Tony Finch ...
2003-06-29 ianfixes from
2003-06-29 ianupdate latest html version
2003-06-15 ian+ * Problem with SERVFAIL in TODO.
2000-09-17 ianSupport --version in utility programs.
2000-09-17 ianFix typos.
2000-09-17 ianMore docs improvlements.
2000-09-17 ian+ * Documentation improved somewhat, including new...
2000-09-17 ian+ * adnslogres has --help option.
2000-09-17 ianInitial checkin from my copy of GNU WWW CVS.