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Update version numbers to be between releases
[adns.git] / .gitignore
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonBuild system: Provide `web-install' target
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonBuild system: Break out common.make[.in]
2014-10-20 Ian JacksonBuild system: Know how to build adnshost.txt
2014-10-19 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Add autom4te.cache
2014-10-19 Ian Jacksonregress/gdbwrap: Provide a convenience script
2014-10-19 Ian Jackson.gitignore: add addrtext_s, remove non-built dynamic...
2014-05-05 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Add subdirectories' .cvsignores
2014-05-05 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Add *.o *.so *.a and *~
2014-05-05 Ian Jackson.gitignore: Rename from .cvsignore
2014-05-05 Ian JacksonCVS to git conversion cvs-to-git-conversion
2014-04-30 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'mdw/mdw/convert-script'
2014-04-29 Ian Jacksontidy up a bit