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Process `9x15' too.
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2016-05-05 Ian Jackson9x15: Introduce good font (from 3.3.6-2)
2016-05-02 Ian Jackson10x20: Redo all edits
2016-05-02 Ian Jackson10x20: Fix vertical metric (must have slipped in fontforge)
2016-05-02 Ian Jackson10x20: Revert full stop (and colon) dot size
2016-05-01 Ian Jackson10x20: Fixes to punctuation positioning
2016-05-01 Ian Jackson10x20: Process more fully.
2016-04-25 Ian JacksonVersion of Neep 10x20 with fixed apostrophe
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonVersion of Neep 6x13 with fixed apostrophe
2016-04-24 Ian Jackson10x20: Introduce good pcf from xfonts-base 3.3.6-2.deb
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksonxfonts-traditional (1.6) unstable; urgency=low
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingProvide 6x13O as a BDF source and generate a PCF from...
2012-01-11 Mark WoodingSupport for bold and oblique versions of 6x13.
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonrule generation machinery