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Permit new foundry names to contain "."s.
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2016-04-24 Ian JacksonVersion of Neep 6x13 with fixed apostrophe
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonNeep 6x13: Introduce bad font from xfonts-jmk
2016-04-24 Ian Jackson10x20: Introduce bad pcf from current xfonts-base,...
2016-04-24 Ian JacksonIn copyright file, more clearly annotate the two copyri...
2012-06-14 Ian Jacksonxfonts-traditional (1.6) unstable; urgency=low
2012-01-11 Mark Woodingdebian/copyright: Explain the origin and copyright...
2012-01-10 Ian Jacksonfix messages etc.
2012-01-08 Ian Jacksonrule generation machinery
2012-01-07 Ian Jacksonwip copyright file