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Reran autoconf.
[userv.git] / parser.c
1999-01-30 ianString-termination bugfix. Compilation fixes (-D_GNU_SO...
1998-01-29 ianMove xtrsave(string) to avoid possible memory leak. release-0-58
1998-01-24 ianRJK fixes.
1998-01-24 ianRJK fixes.
1997-09-18 ianInternal code review complete.
1997-09-06 ianUp to halfway down rhs p.12, inc builtin services,...
1997-09-02 ianInternal review up to end of p11.
1997-08-25 ianAdd --spoof-user. Tidy up servicepw &c in daemon.
1997-08-24 ianInitial CVS checkin.