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debian/: Move ucgi into userv-utils
[userv-utils.git] / debian / rules
2017-04-14 Ian Jacksondebian/: Move ucgi into userv-utils
2017-04-14 Ian Jacksondebian/: Move ipif into -utils
2017-04-14 Ian Jacksondebian/: Working on new packaging arrangements
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonbuild system: Update copyright date for me
2016-05-17 Ian JacksonMake deprecated things not built by default by Makefile...
2016-05-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'mdw+fixes'
2013-12-09 Ian Jacksondh(1): fix so that it works.
2013-12-08 Ian JacksonUse dh(1). WIP.
2013-12-04 Ian Jacksonipif: Fix deprecation of udptunnel so it builds
2013-12-04 Ian Jacksonipif: Deprecate udptunnel.
2013-12-01 Ian JacksonUpdate to GPLv3+; update copyright notices everywhere.
2011-08-20 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'zealot'
2010-05-22 Ian JacksonAttempt at a good package
2010-05-22 Ian Jacksonwip releasing
2006-06-06 ianAdd a few missing #include's of <string.h>. cvs debian_version_0_3
2003-07-06 ian*** empty log message ***