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2009-09-23 Uwe Kleine-KönigMerge tag 'topgit-0.8' of git://
2009-05-13 Uwe Kleine-Königtg-remote: don't add push specs but warn about existing...
2009-03-05 Uwe Kleine-KönigMerge tag 'topgit-0.7' of git://
2009-02-25 Uwe Kleine-König[TOPGIT] make tg remote idempotent
2009-01-23 Uwe Kleine-Königmake tg remote idempotent
2008-11-20 martin f. krafftAdd Vim modelines for consistent spacing
2008-09-10 martin f. krafftMerge commit 'topgit-0.3'
2008-09-09 Petr BaudisAccount for direct-tg arguments in Usage strings
2008-09-01 Petr Baudistg remote: New command