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2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonlist: topo order puts deps before clients
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonlist: support -c
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonfix $want handling
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonsome ---- comments
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonfound a bug
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonpure code motion in
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonfixes, including reflog
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonrename TODO -> BUGS for better completion
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksontb-list works
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonwip list
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip tb-list
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonadd variable $git_command
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonnickname is optional in patch specs
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonchange terminology
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonfix some create messages; before terminology change
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksontb create sort of works
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip tb-create
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip before require clean metadata and nothing staged...
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip; before reject dirty cache in create
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip; tidy; check no unwanted metadata
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksona fixme
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip topbloke-merge-lists
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip topbloke-merge-lists
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip more merge driver
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip, can do attribs setup
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip create, forgot to add
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip attributes, before move .gitattributes back into...
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip attributes, before move .gitattributes back into...
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksontopgit -> topbloke
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonabolish run_git_1line ExitStatus
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonread HEAD ourselves as git-symbolic-ref does not in...
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip tg-create
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonmention non-tb-branches
2012-01-21 Ian JacksonFORMAT updates
2012-01-20 Ian Jacksonwip; branch name format
2012-01-14 Ian Jacksonwip more notes
2012-01-12 Ian JacksonSuggested names from Owen
2012-01-11 Ian Jacksonremove comment markers now it's a text file
2012-01-11 Ian JacksonRename tg-nupdate to DESIGN
2012-01-11 Ian Jackson.gitignore
2012-01-11 Ian Jacksonimport tg-nupdate from topgit-debian.git branch i/new...
2012-01-11 Ian Jacksonsome notes