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Move old update algorith, which is very wrong according to new THEORY, into its own...
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2012-02-06 Ian Jacksonbreak patch searching until we update wrt new FORMAT
2012-01-30 Ian Jacksonimplement check_clean_tree; $tiprefs, $baserefs
2012-01-28 Ian Jacksonwip new props arrangements; before abolish props
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonfix $want handling
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonpure code motion in
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonfixes, including reflog
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksontb-list works
2012-01-23 Ian Jacksonwip list
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip tb-list
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonadd variable $git_command
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonnickname is optional in patch specs
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonchange terminology
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksontb create sort of works
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip tb-create
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip; before reject dirty cache in create
2012-01-22 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip; tidy; check no unwanted metadata
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip, can do attribs setup
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip attributes, before move .gitattributes back into...
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonabolish run_git_1line ExitStatus
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonread HEAD ourselves as git-symbolic-ref does not in...
2012-01-21 Ian Jacksonwip tg-create