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2012-07-07 Ian Jacksonnotation: define \commitmergeof in terms of \stmtmergeof
2012-07-07 Ian Jacksoninternal notation: rename \merge and \mergeof to \commi...
2012-05-27 Ian Jacksonforeign notation: replace "D \text{ s.t. } \isforeign...
2012-05-27 Ian Jacksonforeign notation: introduce \isforeign
2012-05-27 Ian Jacksonforeign notation: change \bot to \foreign everywhere
2012-04-18 Ian Jacksonunique tips: fix various \pendsof and \pancsof to refer...
2012-04-18 Ian Jacksonunique tips: single parent unique tips lemma
2012-03-26 Ian Jacksonclarify proof of calculation of ends
2012-03-26 Ian Jacksonfix notation in calculation of ends
2012-03-21 Ian Jacksonwip exclusive haspatch - fix Tip Own Contents
2012-03-16 Ian Jacksonrename Tip Self Contents -> Tip Own Contents f0.2
2012-03-16 Ian Jacksonrename Tip Self Inpatch -> Tip Self Contents
2012-03-16 Ian Jacksonbe more rigorous about conformance
2012-03-16 Ian Jacksonextend Self Tip Inpatch
2012-03-16 Ian Jacksonsplit into multiple source files