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2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: Formalise interface to transport...
2014-10-02 Ian JacksonUse memcpy helpers and FILLZERO
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: Use source of NAK packets as...
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: MSG1: use transport_compute_setu...
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport_peers: Rename incoming_packet_addr
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: Break out transport_resolve_comp...
2014-06-02 Ian Jacksonsite: Force use of configured name only if we are mobile
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Do name resolution on peer-initiated key setup too
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Log when resolution completes
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Make local_mobile be a site state variable
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Explicitly track name resolution status
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Fix bugs when resolver request submission fails
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Document some reentrancy hazards in comments
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Log peer addresses on timeout
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksoncomm: Introduce comm_addr_to_string
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Break out logtimeout
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: introduce vslog
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Use [v]slilog_part in slog
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Break out event_log_priority
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite: SECURITY: Properly update full peer address array
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonsite: Negotiate (configurable) MTU wip.frag.v1
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonsite: Remove clone-and-hack of signature verification
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Advise netlink clients of the local link MTU
2013-08-05 Ian Jacksonsite: Initialise st->scratch with SETUP_BUFFER_LEN...
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: New PROD message
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmax_start_pad: calculate globally, not via client graph
2013-07-25 Ian JacksonUse FORMAT everywhere, and fix up the errors it finds
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: support multiple transforms
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, transform: per-transform-instance max_start_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, netlink: abolish max_end_pad and min_end_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: dynamically create and destroy transform instances
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: Check transform errors; factor out transform...
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: interpret first 4 bytes of extrainfo as capabilities
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: use unaligned.h's functions, not pointer cast...
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: Extra info in name fields for MSG1, clearer proce...
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: fix site name checking leaving room for expansion
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: Send NAKs for undecryptable data packets (msg0)
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmagic: Introduce LABEL_NAK
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: Pass a direction flag to the transform
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: Allow DH to set the key size
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmemcmp: Introduce and use consttime_memeq
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: When if our MSG5s (or peer's MSG6s) get lost...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: Keep old keys, and allow them to be used by peer
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: Generalise deletion and timeout of keys
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: Move current_transform, _key_timeout and remote_s...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: No longer track key validity ourselves
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: Deal with losing our MSG6 - retransmit MSG6 when...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: Deal with losing peer's MSG6 - go to RUN on MSG0...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite, transform: Do not initiate rekey when packets...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: Remove pointless check from decrypt_msg0
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: Break out separate function for decrypting msg0
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonnetlink: abolish check_config and output_config
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: fix incorrect stride when debug...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonmessages: add some missing newlines
2012-07-12 Ian JacksonSECURITY: actually reject messages with improper lengths
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonMultiple udp ports for the same site (multiple "comm"s)
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonMobile sites: Use different default tuning parameters
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonMobile sites: Require specification of whether we think...
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonMobile sites: Maintain multiple addresses for some...
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonProtocol change: Initiate key setup on incoming packets...
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonSite tuning defaults: Improve documentation; internal...
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksoncomm, site: pass a new "struct comm_addr" rather than...
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksonsite: When shutting down, if debug enabled, do dump...
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksonsite: Remove some spurious "break"s
2011-08-17 Ian JacksonKeepalives: Document that they're unimplemented; remove...
2011-07-13 Ian JacksonSecurity: Reduce impact of bogus key setup packet DoS
2011-06-26 Richard Kettlewellbugfix: generate 32-bit site index in packets in a...
2011-06-26 Richard Kettlewellcleanup: correct type of key exchange strings from...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoncleanup: buffer size for snprintf should come from...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonsite setup: actually use calculated default for st...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonsite setup: move st->key_renegotiate_time default calcu...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonsite setup: Correct logic for DEFAULT_KEY_RENEGOTIATE_GAP
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonevent loop: remove now parameter from site_settimeout
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonevent loop: remove now and tv_now from before/afterpoll API
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger arithmetic types: do not use unsigned for site...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger arithmetic types: do not use unsigned for lengths
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger arithmetic types: correct perhaps-possible...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger and buffer overflows: introduce a number of...
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksoncleanup: fix up the type of string buffers
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksoncleanup: remove redundant "init_module" declarations
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyRename log() to slilog()
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.16 v0.1.16
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.15 v0.1.15
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.14 v0.1.14
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.13 v0.1.13
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.11 v0.1.11
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.10 v0.1.10
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.8 v0.1.8
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.6 v0.1.6
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.5 v0.1.5
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.3 v0.1.3
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.2 v0.1.2
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.1 v0.1.1
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.0 v0.1.0
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.09 v0.09
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.08 v0.08
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.07 v0.07
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.04 v0.04
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.03 v0.03