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another rune
[moebius2.git] / output.c
2008-02-18 Ian Jacksonanother rune
2008-02-18 Ian Jacksonturn it the right way up
2008-02-18 Ian Jacksonfix up rim join mistakes
2008-02-18 Ian Jacksonfewer output facets - ignore ABs - this commit is an...
2008-02-18 Ian Jacksonreport on degenerate facets
2008-02-18 Ian Jacksonfix diagram
2008-02-17 Ian Jacksonnow right except for at join
2008-02-17 Ian Jacksoncompiles and most output facets are right; needs debugging
2008-02-17 Ian Jacksonminor fixes to output
2008-02-17 Ian Jacksonoutput now compiles
2008-02-17 Ian Jacksonwip make output (STL generator) compile