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[moebius2.git] / minimise.h
2008-10-19 Ian Jacksonwip before increase power of bendings
2008-10-19 Ian Jacksonmerge
2008-10-19 Ian Jacksonnew rim_twist_cost as yet unused
2008-10-19 Ian JacksonMerge
2008-10-19 Ian Jacksonwip energy functions
2008-10-12 Ian Jacksonreally edgewise vertex displacement - new calculations...
2008-10-09 Ian Jacksonmerge
2008-10-09 Ian Jacksonmerge
2008-10-09 Ian Jacksonattempts to fix 125; really need to combine edge length...
2008-10-07 Ian Jacksonget rid of debugging for checking OUTER iteration;...
2008-10-07 Ian Jacksonmachinery for checking that our OUTER parallel iteratio...
2008-09-28 Ian Jacksonuse barriers rather than recreating threads
2008-09-27 Ian Jacksonfix threading bugs and arrangements
2008-09-27 Ian JacksonMerge multiprocessor support; fix up Makefile runes
2008-09-27 Ian Jacksonparallel thing compiles now
2008-02-22 Ian Jacksonbest so far perhaps
2008-02-21 Ian Jacksonwip new energy functions
2008-01-19 Ian Jacksonmakefile representing current best effort
2008-01-18 Ian Jacksonbetter machinery; before make view interpolate-compatible
2008-01-16 Ian Jacksonrevert normalisation stuff
2008-01-09 Ian Jacksontidy up and normalise line bending cost
2008-01-06 Ian Jacksonquite nice
2008-01-06 Ian Jacksonprinting improvements
2008-01-06 Ian Jacksonminor improvements
2008-01-06 Ian Jacksonexploit symmetry
2008-01-03 Ian Jacksonnew energy calculation but anarres crashes