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get rid of debugging for checking OUTER iteration; leave SIGINT handler and fix to...
[moebius2.git] / common.h
2008-09-28 Ian Jacksonuse barriers rather than recreating threads
2008-09-27 Ian JacksonMerge multiprocessor support; fix up Makefile runes
2008-02-21 Ian Jacksondone circumcircle but it doesn't work so well
2008-02-21 Ian Jacksonwip new energy functions
2008-02-17 Ian Jacksonoutput now compiles
2008-01-18 Ian Jacksoninterpolate and various sizes build
2008-01-02 Ian Jacksonbetter vertex displacement
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksonbetter rotations
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksonminimisation works but initial solution is bust
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksonworking on rotation - this is not the decomposition...
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksonbetter error handling and gsl stuff etc.
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncan rescale
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoninitial cut of X client
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncompute initial layout - not yet checked
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncompiles
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncompile ok so far; before OutEdge iterator redo
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksonstarting to make it compile
2007-12-29 Ian Jacksonreorganisation is complete, need to implement various...