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compiles and most output facets are right; needs debugging
[moebius2.git] / bgl.cpp
2008-01-03 Ian Jacksonwip new graph layout stuff before abandoning
2008-01-02 Ian Jacksonexperiment with other scalings for shortest path
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksonfix up bgl.cpp for topology
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksonports to new c++ in lenny
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksonfix up voe_max for new topology
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksonnew topology; check that graph and stuff makes sense
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksonminimisation works but initial solution is bust
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksonbugfixes, smaller size
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksonnew edge enumeration arrangements; bugfixes
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksonbefore abolish oee_edgemap in favour of something weirder
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncompiles
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncompile ok so far; before OutEdge iterator redo
2007-12-29 Ian Jacksonreorganisation is complete, need to implement various...
2007-12-29 Ian Jacksondone graph layout cost function core, now reorganise
2007-12-29 Ian Jacksonbefore new shortest path graph layout cost function
2007-12-29 Ian Jacksonwip; justify choice of Dijkstra
2007-12-29 Ian Jacksonbefore delete edgelistgraph
2007-12-29 Ian Jacksonwip; EdgeListGraph will be annoying
2007-12-28 Ian Jacksonwip
2007-12-28 Ian Jacksonfound stuff, before some rearrangement of edge iterator