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compiles and most output facets are right; needs debugging
[moebius2.git] / Makefile
2008-02-17 Ian Jacksonwip make output (STL generator) compile
2008-01-19 Ian Jacksonmakefile representing current best effort
2008-01-19 Ian Jacksoninterpolation more flexible
2008-01-19 Ian Jacksonsmaller minimisations
2008-01-19 Ian Jacksonbest interpolation so far
2008-01-18 Ian Jacksoninterpolates but not very well
2008-01-18 Ian Jacksonbetter machinery; before make view interpolate-compatible
2008-01-18 Ian Jacksoninterpolate and various sizes build
2008-01-16 Ian Jacksonviewdims variable
2008-01-16 Ian Jacksonview various dimensions
2008-01-16 Ian Jacksonget rid of makedim multidim experiment
2008-01-16 Ian Jacksonmakedim multidim experiment
2008-01-06 Ian Jacksonexploit symmetry
2008-01-03 Ian Jacksonnew energy calculation but anarres crashes
2008-01-02 Ian Jacksonmake ring.cfm
2008-01-02 Ian Jacksonrename things more sensibly; now it can optimise but...
2008-01-02 Ian Jacksoncan use original model now
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksonprepare to generalise generator
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksonclean up cores
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksonports to new c++ in lenny
2008-01-01 Ian Jacksoncomments etc. fixed up for new topology
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksontidyings, more points.
2007-12-31 Ian Jacksonrename project to view; do not clean best
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksonworking on rotation - this is not the decomposition...
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoninitial cut of X client
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncompute initial layout - not yet checked
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksoncompiles
2007-12-30 Ian Jacksonstarting to make it compile