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2008-01-02 ianpointmap command for use by moebius2
2007-11-12 ianins-new test
2005-04-03 iansotextpit x11 red/blue
2005-04-03 iandualx11 is broken atm
2005-04-03 iansotextpit
2005-04-03 ianrewrap parameters
2005-04-03 ianProvide "help". Print a prompt
2005-04-03 ianUse XAllocNamedColor instead of assuming that pixels...
2005-04-03 iancin.get(buf,100,'\n') fails on blank lines nowadays...
2005-04-03 ian-lg++ no longer required
1998-09-24 ianAttempt at a new model top half.
1998-09-23 ianX window size is a parameter; scale is a parameter...
1998-09-21 ianCompiles with libc6.
1998-09-21 ianInitial checkin - found in davenant:~ian/chiark/things...