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2010-05-22 Ian JacksonInstall manpage
2010-05-22 Ian Jacksonrename innduct.c to duct.c - fix up comments
2010-05-22 Ian Jacksonrename innduct.c to duct.c
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonsplit program compiles
2010-05-20 Ian JacksonAdd TAGS to .gitignore
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonwip split into multiple files and make compile
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonturn on a bunch of warnings
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonrerun autoconf etc.
2010-05-20 Ian JacksonSet MAINTAINERCLEANFILES
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonautomakeified, compiles, now for clean -x test
2010-05-15 Ian Jacksonwip build system
2010-05-15 Ian JacksonInitial
2010-05-15 Ian JacksonREORG Move everything that's not innduct into old/...
2010-05-15 Ian JacksonREORG Delete everything that's not innduct or build...
2010-05-15 Ian Jacksondebugging for thing that crashed
2010-05-12 Ian Jacksonchange messages to pipe
2010-05-12 Ian Jacksonfix a const-correctness bug
2010-05-12 Ian Jacksonfix immediate auto expire list handling bug
2010-05-12 Ian Jacksonremove false assertion
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonuse libinn logging where applicable - debugged
2010-05-08 Ian JacksonRevert "xfoo => mfoo, rename"
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonuse libinn for die (rename fatal -> die)
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonuse libinn logging where applicable - compiles
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonuse libinn logging where applicable
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonrename [sys]die => [sys]crash and turn a few of them...
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonxfoo => mfoo, add comment
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonxfoo => mfoo, rename
2010-05-08 Ian Jacksonrm some todos
2010-05-08 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'running2' of
2010-05-08 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'running' of
2010-05-08 Ian JacksonDo not assume that loop->on_fd is idempotent
2010-05-06 Ian Jacksonsplit --no-daemon into --no-daemon and --interactive
2010-05-06 Ian Jacksonset period interval to 30s
2010-05-06 Ian Jacksonlowvol fixes
2010-05-05 Ian Jacksonlowvol fixes
2010-05-05 Ian Jacksonfix so successful only connect really not blocker for...
2010-05-05 Ian Jacksonstore and print reason for idle timeouts ("quitting")
2010-05-05 Ian Jacksonrename recentact to lowvol
2010-05-05 Ian Jacksondo not block reconnections due to us having successfull...
2010-05-05 Ian Jacksonnew aggressive close "recentact" aka "lowvol"; do not...
2010-05-04 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-04 Ian JacksonFix writev rs iovec loop
2010-05-04 Ian Jacksontodo list item
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonclarify C%d (now %d) messages
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonFix C%d[%d] messages
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonimprove some messages
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of /u/ian/public-git/inn-innduct...
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonactually default site to fqdn
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksondocs updates
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonmanpage fixes
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonMore sensible use of paths for feedfile and chdir
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonset cwd
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonfix readable logic
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonsort out cli dir stuff
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonfixes
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonrename control_ stuff to cli
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonGet rid of the control master symlink
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonAllow overriding of perms check on real control path
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksondo not debug log every filemon event
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonbetter logging of manual flush
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonlonger log messages
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonfixes
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonIt has grown a bit
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonLicence for innduct
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonput flow control notes somewhere sensible
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonfix compilation of inotify thing
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonadd build-dep on liboop-dev
2010-05-03 Ian Jackson503 is not timeout
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonbetter stats for missing
2010-05-03 Ian Jacksonpause and resume reading as appropriate
2010-05-03 Ian JacksonForcibly deal with stuck articles from flushing_file...
2010-05-02 Ian JacksonCheck for articles expiring, both in queue heads and...
2010-05-02 Ian Jacksonqueue for each input file
2010-05-02 Ian Jacksoncomment for dealing with wedge problems
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksondocument control connection
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksonrename sm_period_counter to until_flush
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksonabolish xk_Malloc
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksonfixes
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksonadmin-initiated flush
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksonreset TERM and INT in child (and act on any that arrive...
2010-05-01 Ian JacksonDo not add one to offset for delim if there wasn't...
2010-05-01 Ian JacksonSome macros replace some boilerplate formulae
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksondump control command
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksonget sense of ferror check right
2010-05-01 Ian Jacksonsignal handling
2010-04-30 Ian Jacksonfix prod/next thing
2010-04-30 Ian Jacksonpoke => prod/next
2010-04-30 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of
2010-04-30 Ian JacksonBetter message for 503 from peer on idle conn. Convent...
2010-04-30 Ian JacksonOption for setting realsockdir
2010-04-30 Ian Jacksonoption for no inotify; manpage fix
2010-04-30 Ian Jacksonwip filepoll poll interval variable
2010-04-30 Ian Jacksonmanpage fix and todolist entries
2010-04-30 Ian Jacksoncompile fixes for inotify
2010-04-30 Ian Jacksonrerun autoconf and autoheader so we have inotify detection
2010-04-30 Ian JacksonRerun autoconf2.13 on etch and consequently refresh...
2010-04-30 Ian JacksonFix HOSTNAME thing in