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2010-04-18 Ian JacksonUnlink lockfiles for old feeds
2010-04-18 Ian JacksonNew backlog scanning. x{f,}stat{,_isreg} wrappers
2010-04-11 Ian Jacksonwip read backlog files ourselves; see TODO near blather...
2010-04-11 Ian JacksonAbolish SEPARATED2 and DROPPING2; recordeofness in...
2010-04-11 Ian JacksonSome blather about not using innxmit
2010-04-08 Ian Jacksonargument parsing and logging, etc.
2010-04-07 Ian Jacksondo ignore sigpipe; move inndcommfail
2010-03-24 Ian JacksonNew flush completion
2010-03-24 Ian JacksonWIP, before change sm timeout machinery to count down...
2010-03-23 Ian JacksonReorganisation and a bit of new code
2010-03-23 Ian JacksonMuch implementation. Before rearrange things a bit.
2010-03-03 Ian JacksonInputfile machinery. Now do state machine
2010-02-14 Ian JacksonWIP before rethink reading-two-files-at-once
2010-02-13 Ian JacksonWIP input file handling
2010-02-12 Ian JacksonWIP - incoming message processing
2010-02-09 Ian JacksonWIP. New outbound data stuff looks good
2010-02-09 Ian JacksonReverse engineer some facts about the storage interface
2010-02-09 Ian JacksonWIP
2009-11-29 Ian JacksonWIP before any changes resulting from reading SM API...
2009-11-29 Ian JacksonWIP before new iov queue
2009-11-27 Ian JacksonWIP
2009-11-25 Ian Jacksonrun debian/rules patch
2009-11-25 Ian JacksonCommit 2.4.5-5 as unpacked