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Adjust INNLOGSET to have debug instead of trace, as current libinn2 does
[innduct.git] / infile.c
2015-12-05 Ian JacksonReplace x[v]asprintf with m[v]asprintf; libinn2 has...
2010-06-01 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of /home/ian/public-git/innduct
2010-06-01 Ian JacksonReport input file start to debug log
2010-06-01 Ian JacksonComment out some excessive debugging
2010-06-01 Ian JacksonAlways call cancel_time before on_time to make sure...
2010-06-01 Ian JacksonAssert readable_callback before we call it
2010-05-29 Ian Jacksonmake individual events in Counts into an array
2010-05-29 Ian JacksonGroup counters into struct
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonsplit program compiles
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonwip split into multiple files and make compile