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Move "autoconf" target stuff into
[innduct.git] /
2015-12-06 Ian JacksonMove "autoconf" target stuff into
2015-12-06 Ian JacksonSupport caller simply setting CFLAGS
2015-12-06 Ian JacksonSupport CMDLINE_CPPFLAGS
2015-12-05 Ian JacksonSwitch to AM_CPPFLAGS as suggested by autoreconf
2010-06-28 Ian JacksonAdd innduct-forall
2010-05-28 Ian JacksonInstall innduct-stats-report
2010-05-22 Ian JacksonAdd some missing copyright notices
2010-05-22 Ian JacksonInstall manpage
2010-05-22 Ian Jacksonrename innduct.c to duct.c
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonwip split into multiple files and make compile
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonturn on a bunch of warnings
2010-05-20 Ian JacksonSet MAINTAINERCLEANFILES
2010-05-20 Ian Jacksonautomakeified, compiles, now for clean -x test