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1 File Name                             Description
2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
3 CONTRIBUTORS                          List of contributors
4 HACKING                               Docs for INN coders and maintainers
5 INSTALL                               INN installation instructions
6 LICENSE                               Legal mumbo-jumbo
7 MANIFEST                              This shipping list
8 Makefile                              Top-level makefile
9                    Make variables for all Makefiles
10 NEWS                                  Changes since last version
11 README                                Introduction to the INN package
12 TODO                                  The list of pending INN projects
13 aclocal.m4                            M4 macro for libtool
14 authprogs                             The authentication programs (Directory)
15 authprogs/Makefile                    Makefile for auth programs
16 authprogs/auth_krb5.c                 Authenticator against Kerberos v5
17 authprogs/auth_smb.c                  Authenticator against Samba servers
18 authprogs/ckpasswd.c                  Check password
19 authprogs/domain.c                    Get username from remote user's hostname
20 authprogs/ident.c                     Get username from ident
21 authprogs/libauth.c                   Library for talking to nnrpd
22 authprogs/libauth.h                   Interface for libauth
23 authprogs/radius.c                    Authenticator against RADIUS servers
24 authprogs/smbval                      The smb auth libraries (Directory)
25 authprogs/smbval/Makefile             Libraries for smb auth
26 authprogs/smbval/byteorder.h          Libraries for smb auth
27 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb-common.h       Libraries for smb auth
28 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb-error.h        Libraries for smb auth
29 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb-io.c           Libraries for smb auth
30 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb-io.h           Libraries for smb auth
31 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb-priv.h         Libraries for smb auth
32 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb-util.c         Libraries for smb auth
33 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb-util.h         Libraries for smb auth
34 authprogs/smbval/rfcnb.h              Libraries for smb auth
35 authprogs/smbval/session.c            Libraries for smb auth
36 authprogs/smbval/smbdes.c             Libraries for smb auth
37 authprogs/smbval/smbencrypt.c         Libraries for smb auth
38 authprogs/smbval/smblib-common.h      Libraries for smb auth
39 authprogs/smbval/smblib-priv.h        Libraries for smb auth
40 authprogs/smbval/smblib-util.c        Libraries for smb auth
41 authprogs/smbval/smblib.c             Libraries for smb auth
42 authprogs/smbval/smblib.h             Libraries for smb auth
43 authprogs/smbval/valid.c              Libraries for smb auth
44 authprogs/smbval/valid.h              Libraries for smb auth
45 backends                              Outgoing feed programs (Directory)
46 backends/Makefile                     Makefile for outgoing feed programs
47 backends/                  Merge two active files to stdout
48 backends/actsync.c                    Poll remote(s) for active file & merge
49 backends/                  Daemon to run actsync periodically
50 backends/archive.c                    Simple article archiver
51 backends/batcher.c                    Make news batches
52 backends/buffchan.c                   Buffered funnel to file splitter
53 backends/crosspost.c                  Create links for crossposts (obselete)
54 backends/cvtbatch.c                   Add fields to simple batchfile
55 backends/filechan.c                   Split a funnel into separate files
56 backends/inndf.c                      df used for innwatch
57 backends/innxbatch.c                  Send batches using XBATCH to remote
58 backends/innxmit.c                    Send articles to remote site
59 backends/map.c                        Site name to filename mapping routines
60 backends/map.h                        Headers for backends/map.c
61 backends/                Batch do active file modifications
62 backends/                 News to mail gateway
63 backends/ninpaths.c                   Path statistics accumulation program
64 backends/nntpget.c                    Get articles from remote site
65 backends/                  Invoke all innxmit's at once
66 backends/overchan.c                   Update news overview database
67 backends/                Script to post ihave messages
68 backends/                 Shell script to call innxmit
69 backends/                 Script to call batcher
70 backends/               Send accumulated Path statistics
71 backends/              Shell wrapper around innxbatch
72 backends/shlock.c                     Program to make lockfiles in scripts
73 backends/shrinkfile.c                 Shrink file from beginning
74 configure                             Script to configure INN
75                          Source file for configure
76 contrib                               External contributions (Directory)
77 contrib/Makefile                      Makefile for contrib programs
78 contrib/README                        Contents of the contrib directory
79 contrib/                  Compressing version of archive
80 contrib/auth_pass.README              README corresponding to auth_pass.c
81 contrib/auth_pass.c                   Sample for use with AUTHINFO GENERIC
82 contrib/                Analyze innfeed's backlog status
83 contrib/                 Suck down news via a reading connection
84 contrib/            Script to clean newsgroups file
85 contrib/             Count overview entries
86 contrib/                    Delay data in a pipe, for innfeed
87 contrib/expirectl.c                   Generate expire.ctl from template
88 contrib/             Track which groups are being read
89 contrib/fixhist                       Script to clean history
90 contrib/innconfcheck                  Merge inn.conf with its man page
91 contrib/                 Create expire.ctl from read groups
92 contrib/               Create storage.conf from read groups
93 contrib/mkbuf                         Create cycbuff for HP-UX
94 contrib/mlockfile.c                   Lock files into memory using mlock
95 contrib/newsresp.c                    Measure responsiveness of remote server
96 contrib/pullart.c                     Recover articles from cyclic buffers
97 contrib/reset-cnfs.c                  Reset the state parts of a CNFS buffer
98 contrib/respool.c                     Respool articles in the storage manager
99 contrib/sample.init.script            Example SysV-style init.d script
100 contrib/                  Decode storage API tokens
101 contrib/                   Parse history statistics
102 contrib/                  Dynamic expire for timehash and timecaf
103 contrib/                   Tune a feed by comparing active files
104 control                               Control message handling (Directory)
105 control/Makefile                      Makefile for control programs
106 control/               Batch program for controlchan
107 control/                Channel program for control messages
108 control/              Script to execute checkgroups
109 control/                  Verify control messages with GnuPG
110 control/modules                       Modules for controlchan (Directory)
111 control/modules/        checkgroups controlchan handler
112 control/modules/              ihave controlchan handler
113 control/modules/           newgroup controlchan handler
114 control/modules/            rmgroup controlchan handler
115 control/modules/             sendme controlchan handler
116 control/modules/            sendsys controlchan handler
117 control/modules/         senduuname controlchan handler
118 control/modules/            version controlchan handler
119 control/                 NoCeM on spool implementation
120 control/                  Verify control messages with PGP
121 control/                PGP control message signing program
122 doc                                   Documentation (Directory)
123 doc/GPL                               The GNU General Public License 2.0
124 doc/IPv6-info                         Nathan Lutchansky's IPv6 notes
125 doc/Makefile                          Makefile for documentation
126 doc/checklist                         Checklist for installing INN
127 doc/compliance-nntp                   INN compliance with the NNTP standard
128 doc/config-design                     Configuration parser design principles
129 doc/config-semantics                  Configuration file semantics
130 doc/config-syntax                     Configuration file syntax
131 doc/external-auth                     readers.conf external interface notes
132 doc/history                           Messages of historical significance
133 doc/hook-perl                         Christophe Wolfhugel's Perl hook notes
134 doc/hook-python                       Python hook notes
135 doc/hook-tcl                          Bob Halley's TCL hook notes
136 doc/man                               nroff documentation (Directory)
137 doc/man/Makefile                      Makefile for nroff documentation
138 doc/man/active.5                      Manpage for active database
139 doc/man/active.times.5                Manpage for active.times file
140 doc/man/actsync.8                     Manpage for active file synch program
141 doc/man/actsyncd.8                    Manpage for active synch daemon
142 doc/man/archive.8                     Manpage for archive backend
143 doc/man/auth_krb5.8                   Manpage for auth_krb5 authenticator
144 doc/man/auth_smb.8                    Manpage for auth_smb authenticator
145 doc/man/batcher.8                     Manpage for batcher
146 doc/man/buffchan.8                    Manpage for buffchan backend
147 doc/man/buffindexed.conf.5            Manpage for buffindexed.conf config file
148 doc/man/ckpasswd.8                    Manpage for ckpasswd authenticator
149 doc/man/clientlib.3                   Manpage for C News library interface
150 doc/man/cnfsheadconf.8                Manpage for cnfsheadconf
151 doc/man/cnfsstat.8                    Manpage for cnfsstat
152 doc/man/control.ctl.5                 Manpage for control.ctl config file
153 doc/man/controlchan.8                 Manpage for controlchan backend
154 doc/man/convdate.1                    Manpage for convdate utility
155 doc/man/ctlinnd.8                     Manpage for ctlinnd frontend
156 doc/man/cvtbatch.8                    Manpage for cvtbatch utility
157 doc/man/cycbuff.conf.5                Manpage for cycbuff.conf config file
158 doc/man/dbz.3                         Manpage for DBZ database interface
159 doc/man/distrib.pats.5                Manpage for distrib.pats config file
160 doc/man/domain.8                      Manpage for domain resolver
161 doc/man/expire.8                      Manpage for expire
162 doc/man/expire.ctl.5                  Manpage for expire.ctl config file
163 doc/man/expireover.8                  Manpage for expireover
164 doc/man/expirerm.8                    Manpage for expirerm
165 doc/man/fastrm.1                      Manpage for fastrm utility
166 doc/man/filechan.8                    Manpage for filechan backend
167 doc/man/getlist.1                     Manpage for getlist frontend
168 doc/man/grephistory.1                 Manpage for grephistory
169 doc/man/history.5                     Manpage for history database
170 doc/man/ident.8                       Manpage for ident resolver
171 doc/man/incoming.conf.5               Manpage for incoming.conf config file
172 doc/man/inews.1                       Manpage for inews frontend
173 doc/man/inn.conf.5                    Manpage for inn.conf config file
174 doc/man/inncheck.8                    Manpage for inncheck utility
175 doc/man/innconfval.1                  Manpage for innconfval
176 doc/man/innd.8                        Manpage for innd server
177 doc/man/inndcomm.3                    Manpage for part of INN library
178 doc/man/inndf.8                       Manpage for inndf utility
179 doc/man/inndstart.8                   Manpage for inndstart
180 doc/man/innfeed.1                     Manpage for innfeed backend
181 doc/man/innfeed.conf.5                Manpage for innfeed.conf config file
182 doc/man/innmail.1                     Manpage for innmail utility
183 doc/man/innreport.8                   Manpage for innreport
184 doc/man/innstat.8                     Manpage for innstat utility
185 doc/man/innupgrade.8                  Manpage for innupgrade utility
186 doc/man/innwatch.8                    Manpage for innwatch
187 doc/man/innwatch.ctl.5                Manpage for innwatch.ctl config file
188 doc/man/innxbatch.8                   Manpage for innxbatch
189 doc/man/innxmit.8                     Manpage for innxmit
190 doc/man/libauth.3                     Manpage for authprogs utilty routines
191 doc/man/libinn.3                      Manpage for INN library routines
192 doc/man/libinnhist.3                  Manpage for history API library routines
193 doc/man/libstorage.3                  Manpage for storage API library routines
194 doc/man/list.3                        Manpage for list routines
195 doc/man/mailpost.8                    Manpage for mailpost frontend
196 doc/man/makeactive.8                  Manpage for makeactive
197 doc/man/makedbz.8                     Manpage for makedbz
198 doc/man/makehistory.8                 Manpage for makehistory
199 doc/man/mod-active.8                  Manpage for mod-active
200 doc/man/moderators.5                  Manpage for moderators config file
201 doc/man/                   Manpage for config file
202 doc/man/news.daily.8                  Manpage for news.daily
203 doc/man/news2mail.8                   Manpage for news2mail
204 doc/man/newsfeeds.5                   Manpage for newsfeeds config file
205 doc/man/newslog.5                     Manpage for log files
206 doc/man/ninpaths.8                    Manpage for ninpaths
207 doc/man/nnrpd.8                       Manpage for nnrpd daemon
208 doc/man/nnrpd.track.5                 Manpage for nnrpd.track config file
209 doc/man/nntpget.1                     Manpage for nntpget frontend
210 doc/man/nntpsend.8                    Manpage for nntpsend
211 doc/man/nntpsend.ctl.5                Manpage for nntpsend.ctl config file
212 doc/man/ovdb.5                        Manpage for the ovdb storage module
213 doc/man/ovdb_init.8                   Manpage for ovdb_init
214 doc/man/ovdb_monitor.8                Manpage for ovdb_monitor
215 doc/man/ovdb_server.8                 Manpage for ovdb_server
216 doc/man/ovdb_stat.8                   Manpage for ovdb_stat
217 doc/man/overchan.8                    Manpage for overchan backend
218 doc/man/overview.fmt.5                Manpage for overview.fmt config file
219 doc/man/parsedate.3                   Manpage for parsedate library routine
220 doc/man/passwd.nntp.5                 Manpage for passwd.nntp config file
221 doc/man/perl-nocem.8                  Manpage for perl-nocem
222 doc/man/pgpverify.1                   Manpage for pgpverify
223 doc/man/prunehistory.8                Manpage for prunehistory
224 doc/man/pullnews.1                    Manpage for pullnews
225 doc/man/                     Install a manpage
226 doc/man/qio.3                         Manpage for fast I/O file routines
227 doc/man/radius.8                      Manpage for radius authenticator
228 doc/man/radius.conf.5                 Manpage for radius.conf config file
229 doc/man/                     Manpage for
230 doc/man/readers.conf.5                Manpage for readers.conf config file
231 doc/man/rnews.1                       Manpage for rnews frontend
232 doc/man/sasl.conf.5                   Manpage for sasl.conf config file
233 doc/man/scanlogs.8                    Manpage for scanlogs
234 doc/man/send-nntp.8                   Manpage for send-nntp and send-ihave
235 doc/man/send-uucp.8                   Manpage for send-uucp
236 doc/man/sendinpaths.8                 Manpage for sendinpaths
237 doc/man/shlock.1                      Manpage for shlock backend utility
238 doc/man/shrinkfile.1                  Manpage for shrinkfile utility
239 doc/man/simpleftp.1                   Manpage for simpleftp utility
240 doc/man/sm.1                          Manpage for sm
241 doc/man/startinnfeed.1                Manpage for startinnfeed
242 doc/man/storage.conf.5                Manpage for storage.conf config file
243 doc/man/subscriptions.5               Manpage for subscriptions list
244 doc/man/tally.control.8               Manpage for tally.control
245 doc/man/tdx-util.8                    Manpage for tdx-util
246 doc/man/tst.3                         Manpage for ternary search tree routines
247 doc/man/uwildmat.3                    Manpage for uwildmat library routine
248 doc/man/writelog.8                    Manpage for writelog
249 doc/pod                               POD documentation (Directory)
250 doc/pod/Makefile                      Maintainer rules for derived files
251 doc/pod/active.pod                    Master file for active.5
252 doc/pod/active.times.pod              Master file for active.times.5
253 doc/pod/auth_krb5.pod                 Master file for auth_krb5.8
254 doc/pod/auth_smb.pod                  Master file for auth_smb.8
255 doc/pod/checklist.pod                 Master file for doc/checklist
256 doc/pod/ckpasswd.pod                  Master file for ckpasswd.8
257 doc/pod/control.ctl.pod               Master file for control.ctl.5
258 doc/pod/convdate.pod                  Master file for convdate.1
259 doc/pod/cycbuff.conf.pod              Master file for cycbuff.conf.5
260 doc/pod/distrib.pats.pod              Master file for distrib.pats.5
261 doc/pod/domain.pod                    Master file for domain.8
262 doc/pod/expire.ctl.pod                Master file for expire.ctl.5
263 doc/pod/expireover.pod                Master file for expireover.8
264 doc/pod/external-auth.pod             Master file for doc/external-auth
265 doc/pod/fastrm.pod                    Master file for fastrm.1
266 doc/pod/grephistory.pod               Master file for grephistory.1
267 doc/pod/hacking.pod                   Master file for HACKING
268 doc/pod/hook-perl.pod                 Master file for doc/hook-perl
269 doc/pod/hook-python.pod               Master file for doc/hook-python
270 doc/pod/ident.pod                     Master file for ident.8
271 doc/pod/inews.pod                     Master file for inews.1
272 doc/pod/inn.conf.pod                  Master file for inn.conf.5
273 doc/pod/innconfval.pod                Master file for innconfval.1
274 doc/pod/innd.pod                      Master file for innd.8
275 doc/pod/inndf.pod                     Master file for inndf.8
276 doc/pod/inndstart.pod                 Master file for inndstart.8
277 doc/pod/innmail.pod                   Master file for innmail.1
278 doc/pod/innupgrade.pod                Master file for innupgrade.8
279 doc/pod/install.pod                   Master file for INSTALL
280 doc/pod/libauth.pod                   Master file for libauth.3
281 doc/pod/libinnhist.pod                Master file for libinnhist.3
282 doc/pod/list.pod                      Master file for list.3
283 doc/pod/mailpost.pod                  Master file for mailpost.8
284 doc/pod/makehistory.pod               Master file for makehistory.8
285 doc/pod/                 Master file for
286 doc/pod/news.pod                      Master file for NEWS
287 doc/pod/newsfeeds.pod                 Master file for newsfeeds.5
288 doc/pod/ninpaths.pod                  Master file for ninpaths.8
289 doc/pod/nnrpd.pod                     Master file for nnrpd.8
290 doc/pod/ovdb.pod                      Master file for ovdb.5
291 doc/pod/ovdb_init.pod                 Master file for ovdb_init.8
292 doc/pod/ovdb_monitor.pod              Master file for ovdb_monitor.8
293 doc/pod/ovdb_server.pod               Master file for ovdb_server.8
294 doc/pod/ovdb_stat.pod                 Master file for ovdb_stat.8
295 doc/pod/passwd.nntp.pod               Master file for passwd.nntp.5
296 doc/pod/pullnews.pod                  Master file for pullnews.1
297 doc/pod/qio.pod                       Master file for qio.3
298 doc/pod/radius.conf.pod               Master file for radius.conf.5
299 doc/pod/radius.pod                    Master file for radius.8
300 doc/pod/                   Master file for
301 doc/pod/readers.conf.pod              Master file for readers.conf.5
302 doc/pod/readme.pod                    Master file for README
303 doc/pod/sasl.conf.pod                 Master file for sasl.conf.5
304 doc/pod/sendinpaths.pod               Master file for sendinpaths.8
305 doc/pod/simpleftp.pod                 Master file for simpleftp.1
306 doc/pod/sm.pod                        Master file for sm.1
307 doc/pod/subscriptions.pod             Master file for subscriptions.5
308 doc/pod/tdx-util.pod                  Master file for tdx-util.8
309 doc/pod/tst.pod                       Master file for tst.3
310 doc/pod/uwildmat.pod                  Master file for uwildmat.3
311 doc/sample-control                    Sample PGP-signed control message
312 expire                                Expiration and recovery (Directory)
313 expire/Makefile                       Makefile for expiration
314 expire/convdate.c                     Date string conversions
315 expire/expire.c                       Expire old articles and history lines
316 expire/expireover.c                   Expire news overview data
317 expire/                    Remove articles from expire -z
318 expire/fastrm.c                       Remove list of files
319 expire/grephistory.c                  Find entries in history database
320 expire/makedbz.c                      Recover dbz
321 expire/makehistory.c                  Recover the history database
322 expire/prunehistory.c                 Prune file names from history file
323 frontends                             inews, rnews, ctlinnd (Directory)
324 frontends/Makefile                    Makefile for frontends
325 frontends/             Setup cycbuff header
326 frontends/                 Show cycbuff status
327 frontends/ctlinnd.c                   Send control request to innd
328 frontends/decode.c                    Decode 7-bit data into binary file
329 frontends/encode.c                    Encode binary file into 7-bit data
330 frontends/feedone.c                   Test rig to feed a single NNTP article
331 frontends/getlist.c                   Get active or other list from server
332 frontends/inews.c                     Send article to local NNTP server
333 frontends/innconfval.c                Get an INN configuration parameter
334 frontends/                 Mail to news gateway
335 frontends/ovdb_init.c                 Prepare ovdb database for use
336 frontends/ovdb_monitor.c              Database maintainance for ovdb
337 frontends/ovdb_server.c               Helper server for ovdb
338 frontends/ovdb_stat.c                 Display information from ovdb database
339 frontends/                 Sucking news feeder
340 frontends/rnews.c                     UUCP unbatcher
341 frontends/                Scan spool directory for trash
342 frontends/sm.c                        Get article or overview data from token
343 frontends/sys2nf.c                    Sys file to newsfeeds conversion aid
344 history                               History library routines (Directory)
345 history/Make.methods                  Makefile for history methods
346 history/Makefile                      Makefile for history library
347 history/                Construct history interface
348 history/his.c                         History API glue implementation
349 history/hisinterface.h                History API interface
350 history/hisv6                         History v6 method (Directory)
351 history/hisv6/hismethod.config        hisbuildconfig definition
352 history/hisv6/hisv6-private.h         Private header file for hisv6
353 history/hisv6/hisv6.c                 hisv6 history method
354 history/hisv6/hisv6.h                 Header for hisv6 history
355 include                               Header files (Directory)
356 include/Makefile                      Makefile for header files
357 include/acconfig.h                    Master file for
358 include/clibrary.h                    C library portability
359 include/conffile.h                    Header file for reading *.conf files
360 include/                   Template configuration data 
361 include/dbz.h                         Header file for DBZ
362 include/inn                           Installed header files (Directory)
363 include/inn/buffer.h                  Header file for reusable counted buffers
364 include/inn/confparse.h               Header file for configuration parser
365 include/inn/defines.h                 Portable defs for installed headers
366 include/inn/hashtab.h                 Header file for generic hash table
367 include/inn/history.h                 Header file for the history API
368 include/inn/innconf.h                 Header file for the innconf struct
369 include/inn/list.h                    Header file for list routines
370 include/inn/md5.h                     Header file for MD5 digests
371 include/inn/messages.h                Header file for message functions
372 include/inn/mmap.h                    Header file for mmap() functions
373 include/inn/qio.h                     Header file for quick I/O package
374 include/inn/sequence.h                Header file for sequence space arithmetic
375 include/inn/timer.h                   Header file for generic timers
376 include/inn/tst.h                     Header file for ternary search tries
377 include/inn/vector.h                  Header file for vectors of strings
378 include/inn/wire.h                    Header file for wire-format functions
379 include/inndcomm.h                    innd control channel commands
380 include/innperl.h                     Header file for embedded Perl
381 include/libinn.h                      INN library declarations
382 include/nntp.h                        NNTP command and reply codes
383 include/ov.h                          Header file for overview
384 include/                    Paths to common programs and files
385 include/portable                      Portability wrappers (Directory)
386 include/portable/mmap.h               Wrapper for <sys/mman.h>
387 include/portable/setproctitle.h       Portable setup for setproctitle
388 include/portable/socket.h             Wrapper for <sys/socket.h> and friends
389 include/portable/time.h               Wrapper for <time.h> and <sys/time.h>
390 include/portable/wait.h               Wrapper for <sys/wait.h>
391 include/ppport.h                      Header file for Perl support
392 include/storage.h                     Header file for storage API
393 innd                                  Server (Directory)
394 innd/Makefile                         Makefile for server
395 innd/art.c                            Process a received article
396 innd/cc.c                             Control channel routines
397 innd/chan.c                           I/O channel routines
398 innd/icd.c                            Read and write the active file
399 innd/innd.c                           Main and utility routines
400 innd/innd.h                           Header file for server
401 innd/inndstart.c                      Open the NNTP port, then exec innd
402 innd/keywords.c                       Generate article keywords
403 innd/lc.c                             Local NNTP channel routines
404 innd/nc.c                             NNTP channel routines
405 innd/newsfeeds.c                      Routines to parse the newsfeeds file
406 innd/ng.c                             Newsgroup routines
407 innd/perl.c                           Perl routines for innd
408 innd/proc.c                           Process routines
409 innd/python.c                         Python routines for innd
410 innd/rc.c                             Remote channel accepting routines
411 innd/site.c                           Site feeding routines
412 innd/status.c                         Status routines for innd
413 innd/tcl.c                            Bob Halley's Tcl hook
414 innd/util.c                           Utility functions for innd
415 innd/wip.c                            Work-in-progress routines for innd
416 innfeed                               innfeed (Directory)
417 innfeed/Makefile                      Makefile for innfeed
418 innfeed/README                        Assorted notes
419 innfeed/article.c                     Implementation of the Article class
420 innfeed/article.h                     Public interface to Articles
421 innfeed/buffer.c                      Implementation of the Buffer class
422 innfeed/buffer.h                      Public interface to the Buffer class
423 innfeed/config_l.c                    Lexer for the innfeed config file
424 innfeed/configfile.h                  Header file for configfile.y
425 innfeed/configfile.l                  Master file for config_l.c
426 innfeed/configfile.y                  Parser for innfeed config file
427 innfeed/connection.c                  Implementation of the Connection class
428 innfeed/connection.h                  Public interface to the Connection class
429 innfeed/endpoint.c                    Implementation of the EndPoint class
430 innfeed/endpoint.h                    Public interface to the EndPoint class
431 innfeed/host.c                        Implementation of the Host class
432 innfeed/host.h                        Public interface to the Host class
433 innfeed/imap_connection.c             Implementation of IMAP Connection class
434 innfeed/            Script to convert old innfeed.conf
435 innfeed/innfeed.h                     Application configuration values
436 innfeed/innlistener.c                 Implementation of the InnListener class
437 innfeed/innlistener.h                 Public interface of InnListener class
438 innfeed/main.c                        Main routines for the innfeed program
439 innfeed/misc.c                        Miscelloneous routines for innfeed
440 innfeed/misc.h                        Header file for misc.c
441 innfeed/                  Script to process dropped articles
442 innfeed/startinnfeed.c                Start innfeed
443 innfeed/tape.c                        Implementation of the Tape class
444 innfeed/tape.h                        Public interface to the Tape class
445 innfeed/               Script to hand articles to innfeed
446 lib                                   INN library routines (Directory)
447 lib/Makefile                          Makefile for library
448 lib/buffer.c                          Reusable counted buffer
449 lib/cleanfrom.c                       Clean out a From line
450 lib/clientactive.c                    Client access to the active file
451 lib/clientlib.c                       Replacement for C News library routine
452 lib/concat.c                          Concatenate strings with dynamic memory
453 lib/conffile.c                        Routines for reading *.conf files
454 lib/confparse.c                       Generic configuration file parser
455 lib/daemonize.c                       Code necessary to become a daemon
456 lib/date.c                            Date parsing and conversion routines
457 lib/dbz.c                             DBZ database library
458 lib/defdist.c                         Determine default Distribution header
459 lib/fdflags.c                         Set or clear file descriptor flags
460 lib/fdlimit.c                         File descriptor limits
461 lib/fseeko.c                          fseeko replacement
462 lib/ftello.c                          ftello replacement
463 lib/genid.c                           Generate a message ID
464 lib/getfqdn.c                         Get FQDN of local host
465 lib/getmodaddr.c                      Get a moderator's address
466 lib/getpagesize.c                     getpagesize replacement
467 lib/gettime.c                         Get time and timezone info
468 lib/hash.c                            Create hash from message ID
469 lib/hashtab.c                         Generic hash table
470 lib/hstrerror.c                       Error reporting for resolver
471 lib/inet_aton.c                       Extra source for inet_aton routine
472 lib/inet_ntoa.c                       Convert inaddr to string (BSD)
473 lib/innconf.c                         Parsing and manipulation of inn.conf
474 lib/inndcomm.c                        Library routines to talk to innd
475 lib/list.c                            List routines
476 lib/localopen.c                       Open a local NNTP connection
477 lib/lockfile.c                        Try to lock a file descriptor
478 lib/makedir.c                         Make directory recursively
479 lib/md5.c                             MD5 checksum calculation
480 lib/memcmp.c                          memcmp replacement
481 lib/messages.c                        Error reporting and debug output
482 lib/mkstemp.c                         mkstemp replacement
483 lib/mmap.c                            mmap manipulation routines
484 lib/parsedate.y                       Date parsing
485 lib/perl.c                            Perl hook support for nnrpd and innd
486 lib/pread.c                           pread replacement
487 lib/pwrite.c                          pwrite replacement
488 lib/qio.c                             Quick I/O package
489 lib/radix32.c                         Encode a number as a radix-32 string
490 lib/readin.c                          Read file into memory
491 lib/remopen.c                         Open a remote NNTP connection
492 lib/reservedfd.c                      File descriptor reservation
493 lib/resource.c                        Get process CPU usage
494 lib/sendarticle.c                     Send an article, NNTP style
495 lib/sendpass.c                        Send NNTP authentication
496 lib/sequence.c                        Sequence space arithmetic routines
497 lib/setenv.c                          setenv replacement
498 lib/seteuid.c                         seteuid replacement
499 lib/setproctitle.c                    setproctitle replacement
500 lib/snprintf.c                        snprintf and vsnprintf replacement
501 lib/sockaddr.c                        Manipulation of sockaddr structs
502 lib/strcasecmp.c                      Case-insenstive string comparison (BSD)
503 lib/strerror.c                        String representation of errno
504 lib/strlcat.c                         strlcat replacement
505 lib/strlcpy.c                         strlcpy replacement
506 lib/strspn.c                          Skip bytes in a string (BSD)
507 lib/strtok.c                          Split a string into tokens (BSD)
508 lib/timer.c                           Generic profile timer
509 lib/tst.c                             Ternary search trie implementation
510 lib/uwildmat.c                        Pattern match routine
511 lib/vector.c                          Manipulate vectors of strings
512 lib/version.c                         INN version constants
513 lib/wire.c                            Manipulate wire-format articles
514 lib/xfopena.c                         Open a FILE in append mode
515 lib/xmalloc.c                         Failsafe memory allocation wrapper
516 lib/xsignal.c                         signal() wrapper using sigaction
517 lib/xwrite.c                          write that handles partial transfers
518 nnrpd                                 Reader server (Directory)
519 nnrpd/Makefile                        Makefile for nnrpd
520 nnrpd/article.c                       Article-related routines
521 nnrpd/cache.c                         MessageID cache routines
522 nnrpd/cache.h                         MessageID cache interfaces
523 nnrpd/commands.c                      Assorted server commands
524 nnrpd/group.c                         Group-related routines
525 nnrpd/line.c                          Long line-by-line reading routines
526 nnrpd/list.c                          The LIST commands
527 nnrpd/misc.c                          Miscellaneous support routines
528 nnrpd/newnews.c                       The NEWNEWS command
529 nnrpd/nnrpd.c                         Main and some utility routines
530 nnrpd/nnrpd.h                         Header file for nnrpd
531 nnrpd/perl.c                          Perl routines for nnrpd
532 nnrpd/perm.c                          Reading readers.conf
533 nnrpd/post.c                          Article processing and posting
534 nnrpd/post.h                          Article data types
535 nnrpd/python.c                        Python routines for nnrpd
536 nnrpd/sasl_config.c                   Configuration for SASL
537 nnrpd/sasl_config.h                   SASL data types
538 nnrpd/tls.c                           Transport layer security
539 nnrpd/tls.h                           Transport layer security data types
540 nnrpd/track.c                         Track client behavior
541 samples                               Prototype INN config files (Directory)
542 samples/                        Stub Python functions
543 samples/Makefile                      Makefile for samples
544 samples/active.minimal                Minimal starting active file
545 samples/actsync.cfg                   Config file for actsync
546 samples/actsync.ign                   Ignore file for actsync
547 samples/buffindexed.conf              Buffindexed overview config file
548 samples/control.ctl                   Access control for control messages
549 samples/cycbuff.conf                  Sample cycbuff.conf file
550 samples/distrib.pats                  Default values for Distribution header
551 samples/expire.ctl                    Expiration config file
552 samples/filter.tcl                    Sample Tcl filter for innd
553 samples/                Sample Perl filter for innd
554 samples/                Sample Python filter for innd
555 samples/               Sample Perl filter for nnrpd
556 samples/incoming.conf                 Permissions for incoming feeds
557 samples/                   General INN configuration
558 samples/innfeed.conf                  Outgoing feed configuration
559 samples/             Log summary configuration
560 samples/innwatch.ctl                  INN monitoring configuration
561 samples/moderators                    Moderation submission addresses
562 samples/                     Sample MOTD file
563 samples/                  news2mail config file
564 samples/                  innd feed configuration
565 samples/newsgroups.minimal            Minimal starting newsgroups file
566 samples/                      Python hooks for nnrpd
567 samples/nnrpd.track                   Reader tracking configuration
568 samples/            Sample nnrpd Perl access hooks
569 samples/               Sample nnrpd Python access hooks
570 samples/    Wrapper around old Perl access hooks
571 samples/       Wrapper around old Python access hooks
572 samples/              Sample nnrpd Perl authorization hooks
573 samples/                 Sample nnrpd Python authorization hooks
574 samples/      Wrapper around old Perl auth hooks
575 samples/         Wrapper around old Python auth hooks
576 samples/              Sample nnrpd Python dynamic access hooks
577 samples/      Wrapper around old Python dynamic hooks
578 samples/nntpsend.ctl                  Outgoing nntpsend feed configuration
579 samples/ovdb.conf                     Berkeley DB overview configuration
580 samples/overview.fmt                  Format of news overview database
581 samples/passwd.nntp                   Passwords for remote connections
582 samples/radius.conf                   Sample config for RADIUS authentication
583 samples/readers.conf                  Reader connection configuration
584 samples/                  SASL configuration
585 samples/startup.tcl                   Tcl startup code for innd
586 samples/               Perl startup code for innd
587 samples/storage.conf                  Sample storage configuration
588 samples/subscriptions                 Sample default subscriptions list
589 scripts                               Various utilities (Directory)
590 scripts/Makefile                      Makefile for script files
591 scripts/                   Syntax-check INN config files
592 scripts/                    Perl front-end to sendmail
593 scripts/                  Script to analyze INN logs
594 scripts/              Config file for innreport
595 scripts/               Config parameters for shell scripts
596 scripts/            Config parameters for Perl scripts
597 scripts/           Config parameters for Tcl scripts
598 scripts/                    Display INN status snapshot
599 scripts/                 Upgrade INN configuration files
600 scripts/                   Throttle innd based on load and space
601 scripts/                 Front-end script to run expire, etc.
602 scripts/                    News boot script
603 scripts/                   Summarize log files
604 scripts/                  Rudimentary ftp client
605 scripts/              Count newgroup/rmgroup messages
606 scripts/                   Write a log entry or mail it
607 site                                  Site-local files (Directory)
608 site/Makefile                         Makefile for site-local files
609 site/                       Safely get config file from samples
610 storage                               Storage library (Directory)
611 storage/Make.methods                  Makefile for storage methods
612 storage/Makefile                      Makefile for storage library
613 storage/buffindexed                   buffindexed overview method (Directory)
614 storage/buffindexed/buffindexed.c     buffindexed overview routines
615 storage/buffindexed/buffindexed.h     Header file for buffindexed overview
616 storage/buffindexed/ovmethod.config   buildconfig definition
617 storage/buffindexed/       Make rules for buffindexed overview
618 storage/                Construct method interface
619 storage/cnfs                          CNFS storage method (Directory)
620 storage/cnfs/cnfs-private.h           Private header file for CNFS
621 storage/cnfs/cnfs.c                   CNFS storage routines
622 storage/cnfs/cnfs.h                   Header file for CNFS
623 storage/cnfs/method.config            buildconfig definition
624 storage/expire.c                      Overview-drive expire implementation
625 storage/interface.c                   Storage API glue implementation
626 storage/interface.h                   Storage API interface
627 storage/ov.c                          Overview API glue implementation
628 storage/ovdb                          ovdb overview method (Directory)
629 storage/ovdb/ovdb-private.h           Private header file for ovdb
630 storage/ovdb/ovdb.c                   ovdb (Berkeley DB) overview method
631 storage/ovdb/ovdb.h                   Header for ovdb (Berkeley DB) overview
632 storage/ovdb/ovmethod.config          buildconfig definition
633 storage/overdata.c                    Overview data manipulation
634 storage/ovinterface.h                 Overview API interface
635 storage/timecaf                       timecaf storage method (Directory)
636 storage/timecaf/README.CAF            README the CAF file format
637 storage/timecaf/caf.c                 CAF file implementation
638 storage/timecaf/caf.h                 Header for CAF files
639 storage/timecaf/method.config         buildconfig definition
640 storage/timecaf/timecaf.c             timecaf storage routines
641 storage/timecaf/timecaf.h             Header file for timecaf
642 storage/timehash                      timehash storage method (Directory)
643 storage/timehash/method.config        buildconfig definition
644 storage/timehash/timehash.c           timehash storage routines
645 storage/timehash/timehash.h           Header for timehash
646 storage/tradindexed                   tradindexed overview method (Directory)
647 storage/tradindexed/ovmethod.config   buildconfig definition
648 storage/tradindexed/       Make rules for tradindexed overview
649 storage/tradindexed/tdx-cache.c       Data file cache handling for tradindexed
650 storage/tradindexed/tdx-data.c        Data file handling for tradindexed
651 storage/tradindexed/tdx-group.c       Group index handling for tradindexed
652 storage/tradindexed/tdx-private.h     Private header file for tradindexed
653 storage/tradindexed/tdx-structure.h   On disk layout of tradindexed files
654 storage/tradindexed/tdx-util.c        Utility program for tradindexed
655 storage/tradindexed/tradindexed.c     Interface code for the overview API
656 storage/tradindexed/tradindexed.h     Interface for tradindexed
657 storage/tradspool                     tradspool storage method (Directory)
658 storage/tradspool/README.tradspool    Docs for tradspool storage method
659 storage/tradspool/method.config       buildconfig definition
660 storage/tradspool/tradspool.c         tradspool storage routines
661 storage/tradspool/tradspool.h         Header for tradspool
662 storage/trash                         Trash storage method (Directory)
663 storage/trash/method.config           buildconfig definition
664 storage/trash/trash.c                 Trash storage routines
665 storage/trash/trash.h                 Header file for trash storage
666 support                               Tools for building INN (Directory)
667 support/config.guess                  Determine system type for libtool
668 support/config.sub                    Canonicalize system type for libtool
669 support/                  Interpreter path fixup script
670 support/indent                        A mostly working wrapper around indent
671 support/install-sh                    Installation utility
672 support/                     Source for libtool utility
673 support/makedepend                    Generate dependencies for C files
674 support/mkchangelog                   Generate ChangeLog from CVS
675 support/mkmanifest                    Generate a list of files for the manifest
676 support/mksnapshot                    Generate a snapshot of the tree
677 support/mksystem                      Generate <inn/system.h> from config.h
678 support/mkversion                     Generate <inn/version.h> with INN version
679 tests                                 Test suite for INN (Directory)
680 tests/Makefile                        Makefile for test suite
681 tests/TESTS                           List of tests to run
682 tests/authprogs                       Test suite for auth programs (Directory)
683 tests/authprogs/ckpasswd.t            Tests for authprogs/ckpasswd
684 tests/authprogs/domain.t              Tests for authprogs/domain
685 tests/authprogs/passwd                Password data for ckpasswd tests
686 tests/lib                             Test suite for libinn (Directory)
687 tests/lib/articles                    Testing news articles (Directory)
688 tests/lib/articles/no-body            An article without a body
689 tests/lib/articles/strange            An article with CR and LF in headers
690 tests/lib/articles/truncated          An article truncated in the headers
691 tests/lib/buffer-t.c                  Tests for lib/buffer.c
692 tests/lib/concat-t.c                  Tests for lib/concat.c
693 tests/lib/config                      Testing config files (Directory)
694 tests/lib/config/errors               Various config files with errors
695 tests/lib/config/line-endings         A config file with varied line endings
696 tests/lib/config/no-newline           A config file without an ending newline
697 tests/lib/config/null                 A config file containing a nul character
698 tests/lib/config/simple               A simple config file
699 tests/lib/config/valid                Various valid config parameters
700 tests/lib/config/warn-bool            Invalid boolean parameters
701 tests/lib/config/warn-int             Invalid integer parameters
702 tests/lib/config/warnings             Various config files with warnings
703 tests/lib/confparse-t.c               Tests for lib/confparse.c
704 tests/lib/date-t.c                    Tests for lib/date.c
705 tests/lib/fakewrite.c                 Helper functions for xwrite tests
706 tests/lib/hash-t.c                    Tests for lib/hash.c
707 tests/lib/hashtab-t.c                 Tests for lib/hashtab.c
708 tests/lib/hstrerror-t.c               Tests for lib/hstrerror.c
709 tests/lib/inet_aton-t.c               Tests for lib/inet_aton.c
710 tests/lib/inet_ntoa-t.c               Tests for lib/inet_ntoa.c
711 tests/lib/innconf-t.c                 Tests for lib/innconf.c
712 tests/lib/list-t.c                    Tests for lib/list.c
713 tests/lib/md5-t.c                     Tests for lib/md5.c
714 tests/lib/memcmp-t.c                  Tests for lib/memcmp.c
715 tests/lib/messages-t.c                Tests for lib/messages.c
716 tests/lib/mkstemp-t.c                 Tests for lib/mkstemp.c
717 tests/lib/pread-t.c                   Tests for lib/pread.c
718 tests/lib/pwrite-t.c                  Tests for lib/pwrite.c
719 tests/lib/qio-t.c                     Tests for lib/qio.c
720 tests/lib/setenv-t.c                  Tests for lib/setenv.c
721 tests/lib/setenv.t                    Wrapper for setenv tests
722 tests/lib/snprintf-t.c                Tests for lib/snprintf.c
723 tests/lib/strerror-t.c                Tests for lib/strerror.c
724 tests/lib/strlcat-t.c                 Tests for lib/strlcat.c
725 tests/lib/strlcpy-t.c                 Tests for lib/strlcpy.c
726 tests/lib/tst-t.c                     Tests for lib/tst.c
727 tests/lib/uwildmat-t.c                Tests for lib/uwildmat.c
728 tests/lib/vector-t.c                  Tests for lib/vector.c
729 tests/lib/wire-t.c                    Tests for lib/wire.c
730 tests/lib/xmalloc.c                   Helper program for xmalloc tests
731 tests/lib/xmalloc.t                   Tests for lib/xmalloc.c
732 tests/lib/xwrite-t.c                  Tests for lib/xwrite.c
733 tests/libtest.c                       Helper library for writing tests
734 tests/libtest.h                       Interface to libtest
735 tests/overview                        Test suite for overview (Directory)
736 tests/overview/data                   Test overview data (Directory)
737 tests/overview/data/basic             Basic set of overview test data
738 tests/overview/data/bogus             Bad newsgroup name test data
739 tests/overview/data/high-numbered     High-numbered article test data
740 tests/overview/data/reversed          Same as basic, but in reverse order
741 tests/overview/munge-data             Support script to generate test data
742 tests/overview/tradindexed-t.c        Tests for storage/tradindexed/*
743 tests/runtests.c                      The test suite driver program
744 tests/util                            Test suite for utilities (Directory)
745 tests/util/convdate.t                 Tests for expire/convdate