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Rerun autoconf2.13 on etch and consequently refresh configure-hostname patch
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2010-04-29 Ian Jacksonfixes and improvements
2010-04-27 Ian Jacksoninfo in lockfile
2010-04-27 Ian JacksonMany options, and a manpage
2010-04-27 Ian Jacksonoptions for everything
2010-04-27 Ian JacksonProposed exit statuses
2010-04-24 Ian Jacksonwip make it compile; before eliminate multiple conn...
2010-04-21 Ian Jacksonmore manpage, remove -h option
2010-04-21 Ian Jacksonwip config
2010-04-21 Ian Jacksonwip manpage
2010-04-20 Ian Jacksonstarted innduct manpage
2009-11-25 Ian Jacksonrun debian/rules patch orig.patched
2009-11-25 Ian JacksonCommit 2.4.5-5 as unpacked orig.unpacked