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2015-12-16 Ian JacksonGet link target right for subdirs
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonMake directories called for by correspondences in setup...
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonMake directories called for by correspondences
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonMake scripts directory
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonRun autotitle install on make install
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonAdd scripts/pdftops-noduplex from zealot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonAdd gistatus to scripts
2015-12-16 Ian Jacksonautotitle: Install in personal/linux-i386/bin, and...
2015-12-16 Ian Jacksonautotitle: .cvsignore -> .gitignore
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonRemove some cache etc. and output files from .configs
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonPick out autotitle
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonMerge old CVS `ian-dotfiles' repo, as a subtree where...
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'anarres-vanilla'
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonFound in anarres:~ian, seems to be from the install...
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonImport remaining relevant-seeming dotfiles from zealot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonImport some dotfiles from zealot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonImport ~/emacs from zealot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonImport ~/.configs/*~ from zealot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonProcess home/
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonUse $ours rather than $dot in $dots loop
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonSlightly improve a couple of messages
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonIn messages, use $prhome, not $dot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonTidy up another $basepath/$dot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonImport ~/.configs from zealot
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonPrepare for home/: Break out process_object. (nfc)
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonPrepare for home/: move dots=, change uses of $dot...
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonProvide "check" target
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonShow DOING
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonDirectories: do not process dotfiles/dot itself (!)
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonCope with directories
2015-12-09 Ian JacksonSome from zealot
2015-12-09 Ian Jacksonmakelinks script seems to work
2005-08-16 ianliberator only if liberator
2005-08-16 ianwe like servus now
2005-08-16 iansee-builds
2005-08-16 ianbalvenie
2005-06-24 ianinputrc wrong way round
2005-06-24 ianadd .inputrc to turn off high-bit oddness; add balvenie key
2004-12-16 ianadd .gdbinit
2004-12-12 ianxacpi-simple: (but no need to actually run it)
2004-12-12 ianavoid nested if - seems to break
2004-12-12 ianxacpi-simple resources and vtwm settings
2004-12-11 ianmm it works on liberator now
2004-08-31 iangcc; #gr
2003-09-10 ianxenophobe tunnel
2003-09-03 ianupdates from ian@chiark
2002-11-15 ian/usr/vac/bin on AIX
2002-10-09 ianSilly emacs files
2002-10-09 ianmany fixes from dounreay
2002-10-05 ianFreeBSD X11R6
2002-08-02 ianiwjendian
2002-08-02 iangreenock does ssh
2002-08-01 ianAIX; nCipher keys; greenock
2002-07-14 ianlsd
2002-07-10 ianbelgrano
2002-07-10 ianUnderstand if host canonical name has no dot.
2002-07-05 ianAdd marple
2002-03-22 ian/npriv
2002-03-20 iandover RIP
2002-03-20 ian#cards, #support, Servus
2002-03-20 ianAbolish crap Info-directory-list
2002-03-20 ian/priv added
2001-11-09 ianAdd copyright notice to gpt
2001-09-11 ianFix up PATH on Solaris.
2001-09-11 iannC channels.
2001-09-11 ianProper error checking at end of @@? condition
2001-09-11 iannCipher channels.
2001-09-06 ianRun ian-x19 even on emacs 20 etc.
2001-09-06 ianMake work on islay (compiler is gcc, xloadt includes...
2001-09-06 ianAdd domains to vtwmrc ncipher hosts.
2001-09-05 ianxbiffs refresh more often.
2001-09-05 ianRemove alt/meta braindamage.
2001-09-04 ianBig comment with syntax diagram thingy.
2001-07-31 ianAdd w3m files.
2001-07-27 ianPortforward 3128 too.
2001-07-24 ianCorrect handling of @@ stuff inside @@?; make NC_SITES...
2001-07-23 ianRearrange nc hosts list.
2001-07-23 ianTruncate nodename in case uname gave fqdn. cvsignore...
2001-07-23 ianHOME/personal/crypto/scripts
2001-07-23 ianxloadt variability
2001-07-23 ianFound close3onwards.c on jura.
2001-07-23 ianBomb if platform not recognised. Do not test $! after...
2001-07-20 ianImprovements.
2001-07-19 ianBugfixes.
2001-07-19 ianAdd empty private.el
2001-07-19 ianFound with-lock-ex.c on jura.
2001-07-19 ianFound xterm-CT
2001-07-19 ianbugfixes
2001-07-19 ianFound xloadt.
2001-07-19 ianremoteshell as found on jura
2001-07-19 ianBitmaps added.
2001-07-18 ianautotitle builds and installs. Various fixes.
2001-07-18 ianFound on jura.
2001-07-18 ianColons evil; use underscores.
2001-07-18 ianAlmost ready to try out on viking; must still remove...
2001-07-18 ianconditionals
2001-07-06 ianFiles found on jura.
2001-07-05 ianFound.