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git: drop GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL from environment
[ian-dotfiles.git] / dot / configs / setenvir
2018-09-13 Ian Jacksongit: drop GIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL from environment
2016-06-13 Ian JacksonPseudo-merge of mariner/msriner
2016-06-13 Ian Jacksonsetenvir: most hostname-dependent parts after PATH...
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonSet debian_chroot variable (companion to AUTOTITLE...
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonFiddle with XEN_COMPILE_ARCH on mariner
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonNNTPAUTH Citrix config
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonGIT_COMMITTER_EMAIL: set to Citrix at Citrix
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonDo not set EMAIL or DEBEMAIL at work
2016-06-10 Ian JacksonFound on mariner (already did .bashrc and .emacs)
2016-06-03 Ian JacksonSet LVM_SUPPRESS_FD_WARNINGS
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonMerge old CVS `ian-dotfiles' repo, as a subtree where...
2015-12-16 Ian JacksonImport ~/.configs from zealot