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2017-09-25 Mark Woodinghippotatlib/ Make `vaddr' be an actual...
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonensure mtu is in the ipif substitution set
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonreplace plaintext secret transmission with time-limited...
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonrename "password" to "secret" everywhere
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksonprocess putatives: Introduce dbg()
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksonprocess putatives: Properly report regexp mismatch...
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksonprocess putatives: Fix processing of [<servername>...
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksonprocess putatives: Add many log_debug_config calls
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksonprocess putatives: break out log_ignore
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksondo actually process server-specific [<server> LIMIT...
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksonconfig: Abolish use of ConfigParser's DEFAULT feature
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonconfig: replace open-coded cfg.get[int]
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonmove cfg_get_raw into hippotatlib
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonrename cfg_process_common to cfg_process_general
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonconfig reading: log correct filenames
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonlogging: if logevent_is_boringtwisted fails, print...
2017-04-21 Ian Jacksonfix typo
2017-04-21 Ian Jacksonipif: set interface names
2017-04-10 Ian Jacksonconfig: fix client config (no SERVER)
2017-04-10 Ian Jacksonconfig: a bit more debugging
2017-04-10 Ian Jacksonfix exit status
2017-04-10 Ian Jacksonfix cfg_process_saddrs ServerAddr
2017-04-10 Ian Jacksonlogevent_is_boringtwisted: break out as a function...
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonconfig dir reading fix
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonconfig: Some new options
2017-04-09 Ian JacksonRevert "config: Check args after reading config"
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonconfig: Check args after reading config
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonconfig: Break out read_config (and change default confi...
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: support --pidfile
2017-04-08 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: support syslog
2017-04-05 Ian Jacksonpass opts to process_cfg
2017-04-05 Ian Jacksonownsrc debugging
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonlicence: make client GPLv3+, not AGPLv3+exception
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksoncopyright notices
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonownsource: tie in (part 1) and cleanup stuff
2017-04-03 Ian Jacksonrename hippotat module to hippotatlib