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rules: introduce $i
[hippotat.git] / hippotatd
2017-04-09 Ian JacksonFix up sys.path in scripts
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: --pidfile improvement
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: support --print-config
2017-04-09 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: support --pidfile
2017-04-08 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: support daemonisation
2017-04-08 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: support syslog
2017-04-05 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: --ownsource-local etc. options
2017-04-05 Ian Jacksonpass opts to process_cfg
2017-04-05 Ian Jacksonownsource download names are internal names
2017-04-05 Ian Jacksonownsrc debugging
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonlicence: make client GPLv3+, not AGPLv3+exception
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonownsrc fixes
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonwip new packages download
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonownsource: wip packages
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: add a startup message
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksoncopyright notices
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonsource download plumbed in
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonownsource: tie in (part 1) and cleanup stuff
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonserver: new SourceResource (skeleton)
2017-04-04 Ian Jacksonserver: new NotStupidResource
2017-04-03 Ian Jacksonrename programs