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asshelp.c: add a lot of debug logging
[gnupg2.git] / doc /
2017-01-03 Andre Heineckedoc: Document summary values of TOFU_STATS dgit/sid
2017-01-03 Werner Kochdoc: Mention gpgv in the description of gpg --verify.
2017-01-03 Werner Kochdoc: Extend dirmngr's --allow-version-check description
2017-01-03 Werner Kochdoc: Remove warning that DNS is not routed via Tor
2017-01-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmoravoid regenerating defsincdate (use shipped file)
2017-01-03 Daniel Kahn Gillmorgnupg2 (2.1.17-3) unstable; urgency=medium
2016-12-24 Daniel Kahn GillmorImport gnupg2_2.1.17.orig.tar.bz2