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Copyright notices. Say we check slaving details. Update manpage date.
[chiark-utils.git] / scripts / named-conf.8
2002-01-12 ianmdlvlCopyright notices. Say we check slaving details. ...
2002-01-12 ianmdlvlReference DJB
2002-01-12 ianmdlvlNew section on gluelessness.
2002-01-05 ianmdlvlOnly checked zones show up
2002-01-05 ianmdlvlDocument output
2002-01-04 ianmdlvlserverless-glueless
2002-01-04 ianmdlvlSuppress repetition.
2002-01-04 ianmdlvlOrder general directives alphabetically. New forbid...
2002-01-02 ianmdlvlnew subfile stuff
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlLine breaking.
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlManual improvements. Check that we are delegated to...
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlMany fixes.
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlNew -A and new style modifers and new $cfg->{"s"} arran...
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlCan suppress multiple glue warnings
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlImplement -l and -g
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlNew options in manual: -l, -C
2001-12-31 ianmdlvlCore coding done.
2001-12-30 ianmdlvlSeems able to read configuration.