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found old non-after-fstatting version lying about, for historical interest only
[chiark-utils.git] / cprogs /
2003-07-09 ianmdlvlfound old non-after-fstatting version lying about,... branch-2001-05-11-withlockex-old
2003-07-09 ianmdlvl * really: uidonly option doesn't crash. debian_version_3_99_1_0_9
2003-07-07 matthewvAdd manual page for with-lock-ex
2003-07-06 ianmdlvladd with-lock-ex to new chiark-utils-bin package
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlreally has a manpage and is arch any
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlreally packaged
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlcopyright notices and Makefile
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlremove binaries
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlremove ~-files
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlfound on davenant in /usr/local/src/misc
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlfound in chiark:/usr/local/src/davenant
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlremove ~-files and binaries
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlstuff from chiark:/usr/local/src/misc/ (as found)
2003-06-29 ianmdlvlbuilds nicely in new style
2003-06-29 ianmdlvlmerge branch, some trivsoundd work. cvs up -j branchpo...
2003-05-22 ianmdlvlworking on trivsoundd branchpoint-trivsoundd
2003-05-21 ianmdlvlmove rwbuffer to new cprogs directory
2001-07-19 ianFound with-lock-ex.c on jura. branchpoint-2001-05-11-withlockex-old