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cgi-fcgi-interp: new garbage collection approach, spec (more)
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2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: new garbage collection approach, spec...
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: new garbage collection approach, spec
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: wip garbage collection, before new...
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: wip garbage collection
2016-03-29 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Temporarily disable compilation
2016-03-23 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Implement stab_isnewer properly
2016-03-23 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Import timespeccmp from FreeBSD
2016-03-23 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: wip check_garbage
2016-03-23 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: copyright notice
2016-03-23 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Rename "command" to "script" throughout
2016-03-22 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Do not eat an option in squashed arg...
2016-03-22 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Add -D
2016-03-22 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: fix -M to actually work
2016-03-22 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-interp: Rename from cgi-fcgi-perl, and adjust...
2016-03-22 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-perl: wip, check_garbage
2016-03-22 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-perl: wip, convert to err.h; do mkdir
2016-03-22 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-perl: wip, computes socket path
2016-03-21 Ian Jacksonwatershed, common: Break out m_[v]asprintf into common...
2016-03-21 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-perl: skeleton, compiles
2016-03-21 Ian Jacksoncgi-fcgi-perl: wip, doc comment
2014-10-27 Ian Jackson* Redact command name characters outside 33-126.
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonPrint ac_mem and ac_io if available.
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonTolerate variation in ac_flag field name, and, to an...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonTolerate lack of ac_minflt and ac_majflt (and use ...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonTolerate lack of ac_exitcode.
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonUse different struct acct, and different headers, on...
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonPortability fixes for acctdump:
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: Manpage
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: Remove badusage from acctdump.c and update...
2014-10-26 Jonathan Ameryacctdump: Actually, we didn't need acct.h at all
2014-10-26 Jonathan AmeryMerge branch 'acctdump'
2014-10-26 Jonathan AmeryDon't need .cvsignore any more
2014-10-06 Jonathan Amerypacct file has moved
2014-10-06 Jonathan AmeryRemove a stray debug line
2014-10-06 Jonathan AmeryAdded missing \n from error message
2014-10-06 Jonathan Ameryseekdist lines should have been removed during the...
2014-10-06 Jonathan AmeryUpdate acct.h to the one from linux-source-3.2 .
2014-10-06 Jonathan AmeryMerge branch 'master' into merge-141006
2014-10-06 Jonathan David Amerycurrent state of chiark version
2014-10-06 Jonathan David AmeryFound backup file on chiark
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksondebian/control: a further attempt to fix libs for xdupl...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: an attempt at correct library dependencies
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs: Saner build runes for summer, watershed and...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs/usr-local-src-misc-Makefile: Remove ancient...
2013-11-29 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgit/dgit/sid'
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: manpage
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: do not call XmuClientWindow on a null...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: add missing #includes
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: update copyright date and licence to...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: New utility.
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs/Makefile: clean deletes $PROGRAMS
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxbatmon-simple: Saner build rune.
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: as found on chiark
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonwatershed; Provide -h and --help options. Closes:...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonreally: Document need to be in the "root" group as...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonreally: Document -R option in the manpage. Closes...
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonreally: Add "danger!" warning to usage message descript...
2013-09-04 Ian JacksonMake xbatmon-simple tolerate the lack of "type" in...
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonchiark-utils (4.2.0) unstable; urgency=low
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonget sense of test right
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonrename xacpi-simple
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonactually compile
2012-06-07 Ian Jackson-iconic <= -icon; changelog; compile
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonbool cache optional
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-06-07 Ian Jacksonboolean option
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonscandir type fix
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonfix an uninit'd variable
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksondo not placate -Wpointer-sign
2012-06-06 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into newacpi
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonintroduce watershed.txt
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonfix colours whitespace
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonuse meaningful colour names in pix_...
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonfix indent in comment
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonuse lightgrey not darkcyan
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonsome more debug
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksondo not add up enums
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonnew alarm workings
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonremove parse_separate, which we may want to put back...
2012-06-05 Ian Jacksonenergy vs power
2012-06-05 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-06-04 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-06-04 Ian Jacksonwip
2012-06-03 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into newacpi
2012-06-03 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into newacpi
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksonignores
2012-06-03 Ian Jacksonwip new acpi found
2011-03-09 Ian JacksonSwitch to git. Move .cvsignores to .gitignore, etc.
2008-10-04 ianmdlvlimproved head comment
2008-10-04 ianmdlvlabolish daft stream burst thing
2008-10-04 ianmdlvldeclarations in both directions; more options; usage...
2008-10-04 ianmdlvlrcopy-repeatedly seems to mostly work
2008-10-03 ianmdlvlrcopy-repeatedly debugging wip
2008-10-03 ianmdlvlrcopy-repeatedly compiles, needs debugging
2008-10-03 ianmdlvlwip rcopy-repeatedly
2008-10-03 ianmdlvlinitial wip - before remove compression
2007-09-22 ianmdlvl* summer has new -B option for suppressing times of...
2007-09-22 ianmdlvlcopyright notice
2007-09-22 ianmdlvl* summer manpage (thanks to Peter Maydell for initial...
2007-09-21 ianmdlvlsummer manpage as sent to me by Peter Maydell in Decemb...