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nntpid as found in chiark's /usr/local/bin/nntpid.old, apparently copied from a versi...
[chiark-utils.git] / cprogs / rwbuffer.c
2007-09-21 ianmdlvlcopyright dates, contact details, and similar admin...
2007-09-21 ianmdlvlupdate licence to GPLv3 or later (was GPLv2 or later).
2005-05-21 ianmdlvlcorrectly parse size debian_version_4_0_99_0_17
2005-05-21 ianmdlvl@@ -1,3 +1,9 @@ debian_version_4_0_99_0_16
2003-06-29 ianmdlvlmerge branch, some trivsoundd work. cvs up -j branchpo...
2003-05-22 ianmdlvlworking on trivsoundd branchpoint-trivsoundd
2003-05-21 ianmdlvlmove rwbuffer to new cprogs directory