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watershed, common: Break out m_[v]asprintf into common.c (nfc0
[chiark-utils.git] / cprogs / myopt.h
2014-10-26 Jonathan AmeryMerge branch 'acctdump'
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonchiark-utils (4.2.0) unstable; urgency=low
2007-09-21 ianmdlvlcopyright dates, contact details, and similar admin...
2007-09-21 ianmdlvlupdate licence to GPLv3 or later (was GPLv2 or later).
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlstuff from chiark:/usr/local/src/misc/ (as found)
1998-04-08 ianAs submitted as bug and sent to PJB and RJK.