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xduplic-copier: an attempt at correct library dependencies
[chiark-utils.git] / cprogs / Makefile
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: an attempt at correct library dependencies
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs: Saner build runes for summer, watershed and...
2013-11-29 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'remotes/dgit/dgit/sid'
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: manpage
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxduplic-copier: New utility.
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksoncprogs/Makefile: clean deletes $PROGRAMS
2013-11-29 Ian Jacksonxbatmon-simple: Saner build rune.
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonchiark-utils (4.2.0) unstable; urgency=low
2012-06-10 Ian Jacksonrename xacpi-simple
2012-06-06 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' into newacpi
2012-06-06 Ian Jacksonintroduce watershed.txt
2008-10-03 ianmdlvlrcopy-repeatedly compiles, needs debugging
2007-09-21 ianmdlvlcopyright dates, contact details, and similar admin...
2007-09-21 ianmdlvlupdate licence to GPLv3 or later (was GPLv2 or later).
2007-05-23 ianmdlvl* summer works even if passed multiple option-containin...
2007-01-30 ianmdlvlnew "watershed" program copied from liberator:~ian...
2006-06-03 ianmdlvlactually build summer
2006-06-03 ianmdlvladded summer
2004-12-08 ianmdlvl@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
2003-07-07 matthewvAdd manual page for with-lock-ex
2003-07-06 ianmdlvladd with-lock-ex to new chiark-utils-bin package
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlreally has a manpage and is arch any
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlreally packaged
2003-07-02 ianmdlvlcopyright notices and Makefile
2003-06-29 ianmdlvlbuilds nicely in new style
2003-06-29 ianmdlvlmerge branch, some trivsoundd work. cvs up -j branchpo...
2003-05-22 ianmdlvlworking on trivsoundd branchpoint-trivsoundd