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test-load targets: Use strip to sanitise whitespace in OTHER_DIRS so that the subst...
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2013-10-15 Sergei Golovanchiark-tcl (1.1.1+nmu1) unstable; urgency=low
2012-06-02 Ian Jacksonremove fsf street address
2012-06-02 Ian Jacksoncopyright dates
2006-03-30 ianDebian package wip
2006-03-30 ianchanged build arrangements, added version number, in...
2006-02-11 ianall entrypoints done now; loads
2006-02-11 ianwriteable lookups now compile
2006-01-15 iancdb framework compiles - now just need to implement it
2006-01-15 iansettling on interface to cdb binding