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descriptionUnnamed repository; edit this file to name it for gitweb.
ownerIan Jackson
last changeTue, 17 May 2016 17:30:58 +0000 (18:30 +0100)
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonbuild system: Update copyright date for me master
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi: Update copyright date for me
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi: Add Mark Wooding's copyright notice
2016-05-17 Ian JacksonMake deprecated things not built by default by Makefile...
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi: Install docs for mdw's env fetures
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi: Record mdw's rework in debian/changelog
2016-05-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'mdw+fixes'
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi/: Clean up environment filtering doc
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi/: Document ?DEFAULTS environment filters
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi/: Document customisable environment filters
2016-05-17 Ian Jacksonwww-cgi/: Coding style fixes
2016-03-28 Mark Woodingucgi/: Return useful status codes when things go wrong.
2013-12-11 Ian JacksonAdd quirkafleeg to git-daemon/Makefile to placate emacs...
2013-12-11 Ian JacksonRemove obsolete and broken dist target in root Makefile.
2013-12-11 Ian JacksonProvide various documentation for userv-cgi in /usr...
2013-12-11 Ian JacksonBump Standards-Version to
11 years ago debian_version_0_3
15 years ago rel-uservutils-0-2-3
15 years ago rel-uservutils-0-2-2
16 years ago rel-uservutils-0-2-1
16 years ago branchpoint-2000-12-10-udptunnelconf
16 years ago rel-uservutils-0-2-0
17 years ago rel-uservutils-0-1-90
17 years ago rel-uservutils-0-1-9
17 years ago userv-utils-0-1-finger-mergeup-1
17 years ago rel-uservutils-0-1
17 years ago branchpoint-1996-06-19-retrospective-beforeuserv
19 years ago sent-to-rjk
15 months ago master
4 years ago wip.ipif-counted-packet
11 years ago cvs