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ownerIan Jackson
last changeMon, 25 Sep 2017 10:15:48 +0000 (11:15 +0100)
2017-09-25 Mark Woodinghippotat: Convert an explicitly configured URL to ASCII. master
2017-09-25 Mark Woodinghippotat: Don't set an explicit `Content-Length'.
2017-09-25 Mark Woodinghippotatlib/ Make `vaddr' be an actual...
2017-08-22 Ian JacksonResponseConsumer: tolerate daft exception PotentialDataLoss
2017-08-22 Ian JacksonResponseConsumer: break out connectionLostOK into super...
2017-08-22 Ian JacksonResponseConsumer: move _resp initialisation to supercla...
2017-08-22 Ian JacksonResponseConsumer: pass resp to superclass constructor...
2017-08-22 Ian JacksonResponseConsumer: pass resp to constructor (nfc)
2017-08-22 Ian Jacksondo not crash on unexpected connectionLost
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonensure mtu is in the ipif substitution set
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonreport success after failure
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonreplace plaintext secret transmission with time-limited...
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonrename "password" to "secret" everywhere
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksondocument that nonce-based authentication is for the...
2017-04-25 Ian Jacksonbetter document routing assistance
2017-04-24 Ian Jacksonhippotatd: do not crash on some unexpected requests
18 months ago master