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ownerTony Finch
last changeTue, 19 Mar 2019 17:16:03 +0000 (17:16 +0000)
2019-03-19 Tony Finchansible: subprocess can raise OSError master
2019-03-19 Tony Finchtest/ansible: improve failure reporting when stderr...
2019-03-19 Tony Finchtest/ansible: check both python2 and python3
2019-03-19 Tony Finchtest: don't leave cruft lying around after a successful run
2019-03-19 Tony Finchansible: fix compatibility with 2.1 and earlier
2019-03-19 Jon WarbrickAttempt to make the Ansible filter work on Python 3
2019-02-27 Tony FinchREADME: update known working versions
2019-02-27 Tony Finchansible: attempt to work around gpg2 reliability problems
2019-02-27 Tony Finchtest: also check ansible-2.7
2019-02-27 Tony Finchtest: stop ansible tests from contaminating init tests
2019-02-13 Tony Finchregpg-1.7.X
2019-02-13 Tony Finchregpg-1.7 regpg-1.7
2019-02-13 Tony FinchREADME: ->
2018-10-29 Tony Finchregpg: pod markup error
2018-10-01 Tony Finchtest: better sanity checks for genpwd crypt output
2018-10-01 Tony Finchregpg: use quiet mode for genpwd crypt output
2 months ago regpg-1.7 regpg-1.7
7 months ago regpg-0.106 regpg-0.106
7 months ago regpg-0.105 regpg-0.105
7 months ago regpg-0.104 regpg-0.104
14 months ago regpg-0.103 regpg-0.103
14 months ago regpg-0.102 regpg-0.102
14 months ago regpg-0.101 regpg-0.101
14 months ago regpg-0.100 regpg-0.100
15 months ago regpg-0.99 regpg-0.99
16 months ago regpg-0.98 regpg-0.98
16 months ago regpg-0.97 regpg-0.97
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16 months ago regpg-0.94 regpg-0.94
16 months ago regpg-0.93 regpg-0.93
16 months ago regpg-0.92 regpg-0.92
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